What are some good things to put on fortune tellers??

Ok do ya'll remember how in elementary and middle school, you would make those fortune teller things made of paper? You know, you would fold it up,put four colors on the outside,write the numbers 1-8 on the inside then under each number flap, you would write a fortune and then have someone pick a color,say...blue,then you would go B-L-U-E and they would pick a number and so on and so fourth? well im bored and decided to make one lol. So I need help coming up with the fortunes. Im 19 so make em good. Nothing lame like "you will marry justin timberlake" lol,so thanks!


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I said some of these
you will b a crackhead
you will b a prositute
you will turn out to b a golddigger
your fiancé will leave u
your 1st husband will cheat on you with your mom
and more horrifing things

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You will marry (the name of someone you and your friends don't like).
You have squirrels in your back yard.
You will end up in a nuclear holocost.

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- "Love is coming your way."
- "Things will get better."
- "Don't give up on your dreams."
- "A great surprise is in store for you."
- "Tomorrow is your lucky day."
- "Hard work pays off."
- "Trust your intuition"
- "Happy news is on its way."

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You will have good luck for 7 years

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