What are some good nicknames for alana

Hey my names Alana (pronunced: uh-lay-nuh). I need help finding a good nickname..
I've been going by Lainy, but for some reason people don't like it, and when they say it, it sounds weird. Also, guys here are turned off by it for some reason? Last year I went by Lana, but people started calling me lahnuh or laners and it got annoying.

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Weird.. I had this friend Alana who pronounced it that way & what not.. my dad called her Al, or some people call her analA But honestly, you don't have to go by something short for you name, think of anything

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aly like me
or ana, lanes(haha) um
lana is a good one if you put an ''I'' in it, people wont confuse it with 'lahnuh'..
? I dont understand how guys could be turned off by your nickname..

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My names Alana to and I have that problem to. Only thing is that this jerk inmy school calls me Anala Like anal then he makes all these sick jokes. I just go by Alanna (uh-lan-nana) it's longer but, its a lot of fun to hear your friends yell when your walking down the hallway. But, I need a new nickname to.

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u could go by just lana if you wanted

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