What are some good names for triplets?

what are some good names 4 triplets.(2girls and a boy)

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i love unusual names

like , for girls - sky , summer , destiny
and for boys - jermaine , leo , liam

good luckk xxx

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Leah, Lianne, Liam

what are some good baby hippie names?
ANSWER #3 of 12

Girls---Kristen, Sarah, Abigal, Amanda, Ava, Jessica(Jess)
Boys---Christopher(Chris), Micheal, Steven(Steve),Alec(not Alex, Alec as in ck, Aleck)
Both---Jesse, Jordan
Good Luck! ~Alanna

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ANSWER #4 of 12

For 3 girls you could go with flower names Iris, Rose, Daisy; or the three virtues, Faith, Hope, Charity.

There are names that are anagrams like:

Aidan, Dania, Diana, Nadia

Arnold, Roland, Ronald

Elisa, Elias, Liesa

Mira, Irma, Mari, Amir

Randi, Adrian, Darien

Mai, Ima, Mia

Then again you might just want to choose the three best names you can come up with and not try to use triplet names.

If I'm pregnant with a boy, what are good names?
ANSWER #5 of 12

lois lewis n louise

What are some good baby names?
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RayLynn Elizabeth, Natalie Christina, Camryn Rhianna-Lyn, Jocelyn (Josslyn) Jamye-Leigh, Katalyna Angel-Rose, Adele Charlotte-Lyn Madison & Kristina Maya-Ray.

what are somer good names that start with s, d and a?
ANSWER #7 of 12

for girls - jayden , jazmine , kaytee , courtney , faith , hope , isabella , ali , alana , manny , emma , jennifer , kelly , denise , jordyn, kalysta , and for boys - sean , alex , peter , craig , michael , connor , kaleb , chris , shane , and jordan

what are some good baby name's
ANSWER #8 of 12

Apple, Orange, & Banana lol!

Good baby names?
ANSWER #10 of 12

lily, maia, aaiden, premela, lucas (luke)

Whats a good middle name for the name Haleigh??
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preetie , elsie , liam hope this helps xxx

Is this a good name for a boy?
ANSWER #12 of 12

east, side, and marios!!

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