What are some good punk rock bands?

what are some good punk rock (not the posers) or grunge bands?

Answer #1

Guitar Hero holds no merit in what is good music. They do have a few good bands and songs, but given they also have crap like AFI and My Chemical Romance proves it has no place in defining ‘good music’.

I agree with hardcorexxxkid. Everything else you guys listed is all basically the boy bands of the early 2000’s.

And Here2help, you claiming to like punk, then telling me that I have bad taste in music for disliking My Chemical Romance and suggesting NOFX is laughable.

Answer #2

If you want some old grudge/garbage, try Nirvana. If you want somthing more recent, try My Chemical Romance, Paramore…etc…

And BTW, kamex, that stuff is not crap. I wont insult your music taste, if you wont insult mine.

Answer #3

No they aren’t kamex… you just have bad taste in music dude. Sorry but yeah… My Chemical Romance is obviously good enough to be on Guitar Hero, and that game is pretty famous and awesome if I do say so myself.


Answer #4

Charged G.B.H,Ramones,The Clash,Cheap Sex,Defiance,Clit 45,The Germs,Lower Class Brats,The Unseen,Bad Religion,U.S Bombs,The Virus,A Global Threat, Those Are Good Start All That Other Stuff Is Pop Deliver To The Masses Crap Also Check Out Punkcore Records There The Label For Some Of These Bands And A Bunch Of Other Good Bands Hope This Helps

Answer #5

Fall out boy Green day the red jumpsuit apparatus three days grace taking back sunday 30 seconds to mars

many more…:)

Answer #6

anti-flag, mindless self indulgence

Answer #7

my chemical romance is awesome!

Answer #8

avenged sevenfold my chemical romance sum 41 trapt these are just some of my favourites…

Answer #9

My Chemical Romance Paramore Three Days Grace

Answer #10

Those are all poser bands. Listen to NOFX.

Answer #11

Paramore Bullet for my valentine

Answer #12

Rancid is great pump up music and tho it’s hard to understand what the lead singer is saying all the time and there are lots of lyrics, they are highly regarded by some.

Bad Religion is great, not every song will be super poppy but some of their songs are pure genius (“Sorrow”).

The Matches (previously The Locals) are an Oakland band that make really good, catchy, garage style pop punk. “E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals” is a rad album as well.

If you want a good emo album, my all time favorite is Weezer’s “Pinkerton,” and their Blue Album is great too, tho not as emohardcore.

I would stay away from Paramore, while their first single is good, they seem to be relying on repetition to make their choruses catchy, which to me is bad/lazy songwriting. I don’t think they’ll be around forever, but I am surprised by their success at the moment (but this can sometimes be a sign of Pop Syndrome).

My Chemical Romance make great music, you can tell their lyrics and songwriting abilities are top notch, or they have really great producers. They remind me of bands like Queen, not so much punk rock.

Fall Out Boy make good music as well, well written and catchy and interesting lyrics.

But if your going for bands that don’t seem like posers to ‘original’ punk listeners (whatever that means), MCR and FOB are no-nos except to the extremely open-minded.

Try looking for bands that were inspired by The Clash and The Cure, and listen to these groups as well they’re pretty awesome.

Joan Jett and the Black Hearts makes great music too! Her song “Do You want to Touch Me” is used in that mac commercial for touch screens. It’s fun music to listen to and has a really grungy sound.

For grunge, you should start with Nirvana of course. Hole is also good, I haven’t really heard much of their stuff after Celebrity Skin, but they were as critically acclaimed as Nirvana was when Nirvana started getting big.

This is just my personal taste, and my advice is to listen to what you like and avoid those people with a strict sense of “poser” and “non-poser,” music is music and no matter how it’s received, it still requires thought and talent and work.

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