What are some good 360 games?

well my mom said she would get me like 2 games for my 360. sadly I don’t know what to chooes

I know one I want is Army of two the 40th day? ( can someone give me some detail on how it like and if it worth buying).

but for number 2. I don’t know maybe bioshock 2? or or I don’t know

I already got modern warefare 2

borderland Ultimate alliance 2 fallout 3 Left 4 dead 2 UFC undisputed 2009 GTA I’ve

so anyone good choices ? and some details for Army of two the 40th day


Answer #1

Halo ODST. because you get 3 games. Halo ODST, Halo 3, and Halo Reach Beta which is coming out May 3rd.

Answer #2

Battlefield Bad Company 2. Rock Band 2.

Answer #3

battlefield bad company 2

I’ve only played a few sp levels and went straight to mp and it owns cod.

our clan has only just got its own server cus dice and ea had no idea it would be so huge.. and when I say huge I mean huge as ea had to upgrade their servers to cope with teh ammount of pc players and all our dedicated servers ;)

no cross platform battles though…

Answer #4

I’m not going to comment on what I think you would like, because I don’t know anything about you. But I will say that Bioshock 2 is a VERY short game, and I personally got tired of L4D2 very quickly, so as far as purchases go, they do not have much lasting value.

If you have so many games that you want to play but limited funds, you should talk your mother into spending her $120 on a Gamefly subscription for you instead of just buying 2 games. At $10 a month, that’s a full year of gaming. Considering most people only play their games for a week or two before setting them aside (seriously, how many times can anyone play Arkham Asylum?) it just makes sense.

I’ve played 10 times the number of games since I got my Gamefly than I ever did when I was buying them. I highly recommend. And if you ever rent one that you never want to send back, you can buy it for a huge discount.

Answer #5

If you liked Fallout 3 a lot, I would get Oblivion, same company, same idea, except it’s more Middle Earth focused, I prefer it over Fallout 3, but you seem to like FPS, which I’m not so much into. I picked up Dragon Age the other day, it’s great, also an RPG though, as well as the Assassins Creed games.

Answer #6

Army of two the 40th day is an awsome game.and the other should be the new final fantasy it is a cool and challenging game and I love it.

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