What are some easy ways to make money online?

What are some easy ways to make money online? I am broke and I am trying to figure out how to use the internet for some extra money in the future.

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I have learned that you can buy items on ebay and then sell them for a profit on ebay.You just have to be selective about which products you sell

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First self serving response - if you haven’t looked at this program yet, it’s a very good idea: http://www.funadvice.com/syndicate As traffic to this site grows, the audience / member base grows, and so potential advertising revenue grows as well.

Second, and perhaps more original / helpful stuff:

  1. learn HTML, CSS, Perl / PHP / Ruby / Python, apache, linux, and some database basics (such as MySQL, flat file, Berkeley DB, or Posgres SQL)
  2. start writing & building a site at the same time you learn these technologies about something you like, are good at, and have a lot of relevant images about (or can acquire)
  3. tell your friends, family, and other people about the site, submit it to well known directories, buy ads on search engines such as Google, and learn about web analytics software to understand what people do & why they do certain actions on your site
  4. ad advertising to the site, sell sponsorships, and if you can, offer value added information at a small price such as 19.95 for an eBook related to the subject matter of the site.

That’s it in a nutshell - would take far, far longer to post in detail about all the above, but you get the idea. You can take some shortcuts such as using blogger.com or another blog hosting service to get your feet wet, but eventually, knowing & learning more of the technological underpinnings will help you in your business efforts.

Sorry - you said “easy” unfortunately, there isn’t (imho) any easy money, anywhere…but there are always those stories about people doing extra creative things & achieving extraordinary results. Problem with those is counting on it, is like counting on winning the lottery or lightening striking - sure, it could happen, but it’s not worth wasting time thinking about it when you could be doing something more proactive with your time.

As the proverb says “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”…good luck.



Answer #3

I am a member of a downline builder club that has some of the top pay sites such as Hits4Pay, ClixSense, AdBux, Mylot and many more. If you are not familur with these sites they are sites that pay you to read ads, search the web, post to forums, complete offers, etc., and they also pay you a certain amount or a percentage of what your referrals earn. I make a good extra income from these sites now that I have build my downline. What the downline club does is teaches you and helps you to get referrals to the pay sites. You can check it out. It is free to join and everything is free to use. Lots of really good resources. http://www.marketingpond.com/ref.cgi/429/

Answer #4

Download CasinoWinner,create an account,play roulette on real world play.and bet 1$ on black:if you win bet 1$ on red if you lose bet 2$ on black and then continue.(you don’t have to bet 1$ but you must double it if you lose and bet on the same color again).


Answer #5

If you mean online, then you are in luck. You can be a content writer, blogger, paid surveyor, affiliate marketer, tutor, business owner, etc. The easiest for me though is blogging and answering paid surveys. With blogging, you are free to write about your own interests and hobbies, while in answering paid surveys, you get paid just by sharing your opinions. If these aren’t your thing, you can opt to start your own business which gives you the benefit to work at your own time and pace. No matter which one you choose, do a free credit score check so you can choose among your options wisely. You can check out the article given below and discover more ways to make money online.

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