What are my chances? is it worth it?

What are my chances? im only 14 and I want to model, mostly when I get older internationally, but thats a slim chance. hhmm lets see in the past 2 weeks I've lost 5 pounds, so im like 110. is it worth most of the troubles? I know im young, so 5'6" is short. I would be scared shitless if I were to walk into the modeling agency like Forbes or Elite Model Management. but I guess starting small is good. a few of my friends are photographers, so im thinking maybe small brand names ((mind you probably when im 16)) for Abercrombie&Fitch or Hollister?

I know what you might be thinking. oh she's like so young, and why would she want to model? haha but I really really want this.

can anyone tell me the main dangers of putting myself into the industry?

is it worth it? to become a model, with the agents, portfolios, go-sees, the photoshoots even.

I know I may change my mind in a couple years but I might as well have a small goal now, I guess, right? my chances are very slim, though, and is anyone a model, and has gone through this? ((guys and girls))

I want to surround myself with fashion, the designers, and the whole business. people say that like oh you should model, but haha thats probably not so easy. I love fashion, but is that enough? ((LMAO and I heard that most guys wouldnt mind having a girlfriend who's a model)) just kidding.

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I reckon you should go for it, you have more chancee than manii other people. just make sure you dont do anything to stay skinny because it can only make you sick. good luck! x

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I think if it is your passion then you need to go for it. As far as if you can, I think the picture you have is great, your pose you made you body look even longer the way you are standing,
AS far as if the industry is safe, that all depends on your strengh, you can't fall victim to drugs and self distructive things. This comes along with a lot of life's choice, you have to do the job and realize when overboard it to much, you have to be happy and healthy, there are a lot of models that stayed true to themselves and a lot that fell victum to the what this job can do to you.

Roughly is this worth anything?

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