What are good ways to get tan?

I’m so pale. Like my tan in the summer looks like most people’s skin in the winter. I burn easily so I don’t think a tanning bed will work. I hate it. Are there any good tanning lotions or like sprays that work really well and aren’t hard to use? I don’t want to look orange or fake at all. I just want a little, yet noticable tan. So an suggestions?

Answer #1

spray lemon juice all over yourself when tanning

Answer #2

A TAN… What women do just to be tan..I have tried everything and looked everywhere for methods to be tan, and again like I said tried EVERYTHING. This is what I have found works the best, for me anyway. I used to tan with tanning lotion that had seven bonzers in it and it made me quite dark, problem is I hate being in tanning beds because I feel like I have been cooked… no lie. My body slightly burns and I know it is bad for my skin. After reading an article in COSMO magazine about a 22 yr. old who died with skin cancer from one tiny spot on her leg, (this girl tans a lot). I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I had to quit tanning. Its hard.. very hard when you love the results. But bad for my body I believe, so I have started using Loreal gel tanning bronzer from walmart or local store, both my sisters use it. It costs me about $9.00 bucks and I LOVE IT!! I use thick gloves and rub it all over me and I let it dry for 4 hours without washing anything but my hands. Just be careful around your ankles and hands, I use lotion in those areas before I use bronzer there to soften the skin so it will go on better and I dont put very much on in those areas. This stuff stays on good atleast 2-3 wks. It is easy to put on, does smell but after a shower your fine. I gets loads and loads of compliments on my tan!!! The color is natural looking and the bottle last me about atleast 5 uses. :)

Answer #3

Use spray on tans. The problem is they don’t really last that long, so many sure to keep going back. Be sure to use some rub on tan stuff too so you don’t need to go back as often.

Answer #4

u could get the mistic tan, at the tanning salons, but they dont last really long. I would suggest that tanning lotion that gradually makes you darker.

Answer #5

spray lemon juice all over yourself when tanning

Answer #6

Go to a tanning salon…

lay outside, when you do use butter or baby oil to tan with…

also, you could tan outside and keep putting water all over ureself…it draws in the sun…

I do all of these everyday and im very dark constantly…

also, buy a moistureizer…I sugguest a product called hempz…its about 16 bucks and you can find it at just about any tanning salon…

if you tan in a salon, use a lotion with a lot of bronzers…I sugguest ALMOST FAMOUS…it ranges from 40-50 dolalrs, but it works amazingly…

also, before you tan…scrub in a circular motion in the shower with a lufa of some kind…it removes the dead skin, which makes ure skin easier to tan…

ALSO…I use tanning pills…Tanning Aid is a very good product…u can buy it for about 15.00 dollars…

im tannorexic what can I say…but I do all these all the time and im constantly dark…and I live in ohio!


TANNING SALONS really arent bad fer u…just use them in moderation…I go everyday, but thats a different story…

hope I helped!

Answer #7

Yeah, mystic tanning gets you a tan in 15 minutes, but the bad thing about it is it only lasts about four days. I suggest the lotion too.

Answer #8

try loreal tanning wipes im also light skinned and they worked very well … plus they were cheap

Answer #9

go out side put suntan lotion on so you dont burn,stay outside for a while read a book or listen to music…be sure to get fount and back.I burn easy too so be sure to use the suntan lotion

Answer #10

Read this in an article on webmd.com - I had read before that spray-tan was the safest:

True or False? Indoor Tanning Doesn’t Cause Melanoma


The indoor tanning industry contends otherwise, saying in some ads that the link is “hype” and not proven.”There are a lot of studies out there and a lot of conflicting evidence about what causes melanoma,” says John Overstreet, the executive director of the Indoor Tanning Association in Washington, D.C., an industry trade group. “There are many factors involved with melanoma skin cancer,” he says, adding that heredity is a major factor. For those with a family history of melanoma, he says, “we would certainly advise you not to tan indoors.” “You constantly hear indoor tanning causes melanoma,” he says. “‘Causes’ means, if you do it, you have [melanoma]. Many millions of people do this [indoor tanning] and don’t get skin cancer.” But researchers say that the link between ultraviolet exposure from the sun or tanning beds and melanoma is indisputable, counters David E. Fisher, MD, PhD, chairman of dermatology and director of the melanoma program at Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard Medical School, Boston.”There is no question that ultraviolet exposure is associated with an increased risk of melanoma,” says Fisher, who is also the president of the Society for Melanoma Research. That group, along with the Melanoma Research Foundation, issued the strong anti-tanning statement. Fisher points to a study published in the International Journal of Cancer in March 2007 that reviewed 19 published studies on the association of tanning beds and skin cancers. They found use of the tanning beds before age 35 boosted the risk of melanoma by 75%. As for Overstreet’s contention that most melanoma is associated with a family history, not so, says Fisher. “The vast majority are what we call sporadic melanomas.” “Most of the remaining risk factors [besides hereditary] are related to UV exposure,” he says, such as being fair-skinned, not tanning easily, being a redhead who freckles easily, and having a history of blistering childhood sunburns.

Hope this helps !!

Answer #11

I have no idea if your still looking for answers, it’s been over a year now.. but I just came across your question. I too am very white. I blend in with paper, no joke. I’m Irish, so along with being PALE… I BURN! But I found something that works for myself that may work for you.

I tried that tanning outside with baby oil, it did give me color but I find myself burning more when I’m laying outside than inside a tanning bed. No one wants to burn right? So I started by going 8 minutes for every other day for 2 weeks. Then I bumped it up to 12 for every other day for 2 weeks. I then went 15 every other day for one week. Then the max (which is 20 where I go) every other day until I got the color I wanted then I don’t go no more than 3 times a week.

I know that going every day and each time bumping up your minutes sounds like a good idea, IT’S NOT. I did that before, it doesn’t work. All that does it make your burn and your tan will never gets even because whatever isn’t burning is getting dark, and whatever is burning is getting red, peeling, and back to the pale white you started at.

Along with the idea that it’s going to take your a anywhere from 3-7months to get to where you want to be tan wise (if your skin is also sensitive don’t rush tanning), you need to realize that you do need lotion. Now, I read above a girl said to use bronzers… ugh I don’t and I wouldn’t. The only good thing about any lotion with bronzers is after it soaks into your skin and the light hits it.. you look darker than you did.. but once you get into that shower, look down.. it all washes right off. What I suggest you use is a lotion that made for sensitive skin, one that really helps lift the melanin from your skin, and helps produce more. I use a lotion called AMP (ultra violet amplifier). I’ve tried all kinds of lotions and this is the only one that not only gave me color, but helps me keep it!

Good luck!

Answer #12

just go out put some sunscreen and tan. dont go thru the trouble. if you think abt tanning your gna try to hard.

Answer #13

you can buy those sunless tanning cream, you just leave it on for a while and you’ll get a little bit tanner depending your skin pigment and your color. I too am having difficulties trying to get tan but I accomplished my color but in a very dangerous way, I dont recommend it what so ever but I went out tanning in my backyard and I didnt put on any sunscreen, or tanning oil I was soo burned and in so much pain for about a week. You can do it the safe way and slowly tanning everyday or ever weekend with sun screen for 15-60mins I dont recomend anymore time because all you will do is fry your skin and that can cause cancer. Always apply sun block or sun screen lotion, it still allows you to get sun, and color just in a slower safer way.

Answer #14

if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to mystic tans… head to target or walmart and pick up sunless tanning wipes. they go on more evenly than spray tans or foams… and you can layer them more easily. take it easy at first…and when you start getting compliments then feel free to go darker. you want it to look natural… which means gradually building up to tan. you notice a change a few mins after applying. just make sure to wash your hands immediately after… and let your skin dry before dressing!

Answer #15

Go to the tanning salon, and get a spray on tan, it does not include the dangers of the harmful radiation, and also, it is quick, and easy. :] good luck.

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