what are good questions to ask a girl

I really need help cause me and my girlfriend have know idea what to talk about and well we do talk about sex but I rather talk about other stuff what should I talk about

Answer #1

Why would you date someone you couldn’t converse with ?

Answer #2

I always ask my boyfriend questions that require him to think. For example, which would you choose: love or money? Why? You can go anywhere with ‘this or that’ questions. The beach or the mountains, coke or pepsi, ect. Use your imagination.

Answer #3

finally a boy who doesn’t just talk about sex! good on you!

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Answer #5

take a tip from me save some I split up with my ex girlsfriend becasue we has such a grate 2 and a half years togeather and we talk and talked and talked all time and then we ran out of stuff and it went to that to arguing then we broke up so trust me save some

Answer #6

honstly this answers well help me later on my date. thanx a lot everyone.means a lot to hear that I need to talk about other stuff beside sex.im not that type of person.but for sure I wont make a conversation about it! ^_^

Answer #7

Ok, me and my boyfriend really didn’t know what to talk about for a while too, and we just started playing the “random question game” and that is where if you have a question about anything then you just ask it and of course there are rules and they are that you can’t say I don’t know and nothing and you have to answer it unless you are really uncomfortable with sharing. Now if this doesn’t work I am sorry but it gets pretty interesting, especially when you start asking stuff from when you were first dating or when you met eachother. I hope this helped…

Answer #8

you should be proud that you’d rather talk about something else. it’s rare to find a guy that can’t get his mind out of the gutter. you’re girlfriend’s lucky.

as for something to talk about, tell her a lot of funny stories from your childhood. my boyfriend does that with me and I’m always hilariously laughing. they’re so interesting. and talk about things that you have in common too. also, try and talk about something that just interests her.

Answer #9

just change the subject if she starts to talk about it talk about things you like or ask her what she likes or even just tell her to stop talking about it. it will show her that your a bit uncomfortable talking about it and she will understand and hopefully stop

Answer #10

Well you should ask her how her day went, ask her what her favorite color is,

What’s the last movie she saw? What about the last one before you, worst date, dorkiest moments, what are her aspirations in life, even look back on D.O.L. in High school… all the little hypothetical questions “If you were stranded on a desert island…”

One thing that is important is that you should try and answer those questions yourself too.. so she doesn’t feel like she’s being interrogated.. Also invite her to ask you questions too..

Play truth or dare.. 20 questions.. all these little things will help you get to know your partner on a more personal level..

As others have mentioned.. you should sneak in questions about her fav flowers, fav type of chocolate.. candy.. ice cream… fav cut diamond..(some woman don’t like diamonds!) ring size.. is she allergic to any metals? I’m sure I think I’ve given you plenty.. just don’t drown her in questions!

Woman want you to show a personal interest but don’t pry too hard!! You have been warned.. Take care now ^_^

Answer #11

Why don’t you ask questions you’d like her to ask you? If it’s something that interests you, you’ll be able to ask a decent question about it. Why don’t you start with something simple like sports. Which team does she like in football or whatever. Try and ask a question that wouldn’t just have a one word answer, like yes / no. If you ask an “open ended” question where she has to explain or say more, this will lead to information that could help you ask the next question.

Basically, if you’re interested in her, you’ll want to talk about stuff that interests HER. So why don’t you just ask “What do you like to do / eat / read / watch etc.” Finding things you have in common and feel passionate about, will make it easier to talk.

Also make sure she knows that she can talk to you about things that bother her, or if she’s had a bad day. Being there for a girl you like when she’s having a tough time, goes much further than talking about sex. Please!

Answer #12

well, I dunno what other people talk about but I LOVE it when a guy talks about his family, and I think funny stories are great. failing this, just ask her to talk about herself, or play truth or dare. I know thats the corniest thing eveer, but it does help you get to know each other! hope this helped xoxoxo

Answer #13

The problem that u have is that you hav a gf but u have no comfort wit her it seems. If u were comfortable wit her den you could pretty much talk about anything w/o it being awkward. a good way to buid comfort is a little kino.

Answer #14

what ever day it is (ie saturday) ask her what her favorite thing to do on a saturday, then when she answers just do whatever she says, usually the answer isnt sex (usually) and while your doing what she wants the convo should flow real easily and you can then talk about what you did together, and how to improve etc. then you can talk about things you want to do together in the future, especially after youve already took her advice once, she knows that what you are talking about s for real and you will end up doing those things… it builds her confidence in you and gives you stuff to talk about you cant beat that!!!

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Answer #16

me personally I enjoy the sport/hobbie of skateboarding so I just talk about that to her when got notin to think about even if she doesnt know much about it (becasue she is that type of girl) and she will mostly just enjoy that your starting a subject not what its about.

Answer #17

Good things to talk about are things you have in common. Ask about movies, books, tv shows. Ask what her favorite color is, where she would like to go if she could go any where in the world. You’ll find out about her in the process and will get tips on things to remember for birthdays or special occasions. Like if you ask her what her favorite cookie is and get one for her then next time you hang out. It will suprise her that you remembered and show her that you care about her answers. She’ll become more intrested in you in the beyond sex and you’ll have a more satisfying relationship.

Answer #18

Ask her questions about her growing up, what she likes, her favourite colour, her favourite hoby. Ask her where she wants to go and what she wants to do. Ask her where she likes to go the most and just chill out so one day unexpectedly you can take her there and she will be thrilled that you remembered.

Answer #19

personally I think that you should figure out who starts the conversations about sex. if its you try asking her questions about how her day is going, or what exciting things happended in her life that day… you cnt go from talking about sex all the time to completally asking her out of the ordianry questions.

Answer #20

okay say your txten your new friend okay ask ha ta play 20 questions [[I love that game]]

  1. what you look in a guy? .don’t ASK HA IF SHES A VIGIN because thats too fast at least be ha boyfriend and ask her that.

then maybe like what are you ( like she american,spaish,itilan,) then just get to know her!

Answer #21

awww.. just made her laugh and be comfortable in u.. and put some lil green jokes.. and observe what will be her reaction.. ^^ if she got mad.. then just go to plan B and if what is the plan B.. uhmm.. I dunno.. ^^

Answer #22

just talk about your selves… what you have in common. tell her stories about things that have happened to you. Ask her how shes feeling, how her day went, what shes thinking about, tell her what you like about her. just talk… !

Answer #23

question? You say talk about something you both share. Dont talk about sex. What if you both LOVE sex?…

Answer #24

Are you really sure you want to be with that girl? because it’s really strange that you dont know what to talk about. I guess it’s normal if you are only starting to date. sometimes it happens that I just forget words and everything goes out of my head! but it finishes if the girl becomes my girlfriend. Well, in some cases I just told her, wht I thought - that I didn’t know what to say because I’m just kind of confused. Sometimes it’s funny and that’s when we start talkiing about something. Good luck!!

Answer #25

I think that you should stop talkin just about sex and talk about stuff you have in common. If you can’t find anything then just talk about eachother (like how much you like eachother and what you like…) or you could try asking her about he rlife or childhood it will her think that you are interested in her and her life instead of just sex!

Answer #26

I think your a really kool guy who want to talk bout sumthin else. a lot of guys I no just want to talk bout sex. Talk bout your guys fave music, food, band, etc.And somtimes you dont have to talk wats so ever. Make out once in a while. Call each other nicknames. you guys CAN learn bout each othe if you talk bout this. Its better than talkin bout sex. people will think of you guys as the cutest couple if you talk bout the same stuff. and im sure you guys r. Like I always end my letters: luv yas

Answer #27

try to fiqure out what you quy’s have in common. what her dislike’s or habit’s are. what’s her fav movie. her fav snack to munch on ? her childhood momorie’s. . favorite thinq about beinq with you ? what’s her favorite soda, do you want to get married or have children ? have you ever had a dog. . . just random little details that you would like to know about her. so you know her better as a person.

Answer #28

seriouly can some help. like what kind of questions should I use on a date with a girl!! HELPP

Answer #29

The problem that u have is that you hav a gf but u have no comfort wit her it seems. If u were comfortable wit her den you could pretty much talk about anything w/o it being awkward. a good way to buid comfort is a little kino.

Answer #30

tell her shes beautiful. ask about hobbies and interests.

Answer #31

if you can cook a little ask her what some of her favorite foods are there’s a original idea

Answer #32

Play 20 questions or sumet like that…you can ask her really silly things like “if you were stuck on an island what 3 cds would you choose to have with you?” that could cause a bit of a debt about why she’d be on an island with 3 cds & not a shelter or fire or anything but you’ll find out about what music she likes. You can ask really simple questions like “whats your fave movie??” then get it for next time you see her. You just ask what you want to know about each other. She’ll find it really awesome to find out more about you & tis fun as well =]

Hope I helped

Answer #33

Good questions to ask a girl is what type of music she listens to, her favorite place to eat, whats her favorite food, whos her favorite celebrity, what celebrity she likes to make fun of the most have some fun with the questions! Its very disturbing to a lot of girls to be talking about sex all the time.

Answer #34

well.. a good conversation starts when you want to know more about someone. why not start talking how was your day why she is in a good mood or bad mood what she likes what places she likes or just tell her your experiences you had about working or livin in other place. remember is not a bad or good question is how you develop your mind into something.

Answer #35

Your best questions to ask are the ones that put the spotlight on her. Take your attention off of you and put it on her. The way to be attractive to anyone is to take an interest in that person, even if it’s only a clinical interest. The more you find out about her, the more reasons you will discover to like her, and the more she’ll like you.

Answer #36

Ahw, I like you :) I wish I could find a guy that wanted to talk about something besides sex!

Tell her that you would prefer not to talk about sex all the time!! She might respect you more. You could talk about your childhood, music, school, friends. Or if you know her really well you could have good conversations about religion, what you want in life, ect.

Answer #37

I think your girlfriend would deffo appreciate a change ion conversation before she starts to think you only want sex

ask her something stupid that would make her laugh or stick in her head

like ‘whats your fave biccie?’

Answer #38

I think she’s just giving out signs to you that she actually wants it… you know… talking about it all the time… so if you dont wanna talk about it just engage into another topic of which you can direct to questions you wanna ask her… hope that helps! ^-^ good luck!

Answer #39

Here some q’s:

What’s your fav colour? What’s your fav book? What kind of movies do you like? Who’s your fav actor? What do you want to do when you’re older? What subject do you like at school? Do you have any bros or sisters? What do think about global warming?

Answer #40

find out what she likes what she doesnt.. find out things only her or her fam or bestfriend would noe… what ever comes 2 mind dont b scared

Answer #41

Some of the things that my boyfriend would talk about is watching movies togther. Or just ask her what she wants to talk about.

Answer #42

Personal things.. get 2 no each ovaa moreex

Answer #43

if you guys are hanging out around a computer try taking one of quizzes that people post as bulletins on myspace or w/e ya its lame but ull end up relly enjoying it. I.e! you can be in your room on your computer and just ask her one of them, theyre normally funny/ random, you can be like my friend sent me this and fill in her answers you guysll end up have a big conversation= good times yay! I know from experience!

Answer #44

just talk about your selves… what you have in common. tell her stories about things that have happened to you. Ask her how shes feeling, how her day went, what shes thinking about, tell her what you like about her. friends, school… just talk… !

Answer #45

take a tip from me save some I split up with my ex girlsfriend becasue we has such a grate 2 and a half years togeather and we talk and talked and talked all time and then we ran out of stuff and it went to that to arguing then we broke up so trust me save some

Answer #46

Talk about what kind of movies,books,tv shows,food.she likes… or ask her about her ideal date or ask about something she wants to do or be in the future!

Answer #47

ah yes the lost art of conversation rears its head in a gasp for breath.

darling its not about having the questions. its about building a connection.

Answer #48

Play the awkward questions game!

Go back and forth trying to think of the more awkward question. It goes on forever, but gets harder as time passes.

Answer #49

well talk about the first thing that pops into your mind (besides sex)… my girlfriend found out I cant stand disrespectful little kids, and now her nickname for me is babycakes… aparently I make cakes outta babys XD anyways random talk is pretty amazing… we have also dicovered that im aparently a ninja turtle and the sound turtles make is crcrcrcrcrcr XD we act like such little kids sometimes but its fun… our first kiss was a twilight moment while dora the explorer was on television… there were no little kids there… XD

Answer #50

if conversation doesn’t flow me and my boyfriend end up kissing but we are usually just telling each other funny stories or stuff about what are days been like simple stuff one thing usually leads to another.

try tlking about things you have in commmon or if you watch soemthign on tv you can watch it in silecne mostly and then talk abou it afta it’ll lead to things like other programs or films you like, which cud lead to music or books you like anything really things always follow once you start a conversation. unless you really are rong for each other.

Answer #51

this is from me, and im a girl. I would say you guys should talk about each other, and if you’re having problems, talk about fixing them. if you don’t, compliment her a lot but not too much so she wonders what you’re doing. just cut sex out of the conversational stuff, and talk about life and how your day was.

Answer #52

easy, keep your mind simple, always stay positive and keep your sentences short and let the women do the talking, this way you have the ability and direct the conversation to what ever topic you want to talk about… look for key words in the conversation; and use it and talk about it any questions contact me mah email is Janartant@hotmail.com :)

Answer #53

Try talking about each other. or like about your childhood?

Answer #54

you know I’ve gotten so good at this. I love asking random things. It could be as random as: “what’s your favorite color?” “red.” “You think you’d dye your hair that color ever?” “No, I like my hair this way.” “Me too. What about something darker, like black?” “No that’s too depressing. ooo something wild like green!!”

See just now the conversation is going everywhere now! Or like this:

“What’s the difference between cabbage and lettuce?” “I don’t know.” “It’s like people have all these different names for the same thing!” “Yeah like violet and purple!”

trust me once you get the hang of it it’s really fun! if you want email me to practice. unless you think that’s weird. here’s my email:

k I t k a t k I t t why m e g a n @ c o m c a s t . and e t

Answer #55

Honestlt da only answer I got 2 that question iz just say what you like about her… compliment her voice… Also ask her questions 2 really know her… Talk’n bout sex all da time won’t lead to nowhere but more sex talk(like who wouldn’t wana talk about sex awl day)… but deres going to b a point where you talk’d and mention’d ery sex position possible… Basically ask her questions that you wuld ask urself just 2 get that vibe… once you got that vibe wit her your conversations will go 2 anything you want it 2 b…!!!

Answer #56

Ask her what type of music she likes see if she likes anything you like you might find something to say to her

Answer #57

some girls just want someone to ask them anything because they are desperate so…I know tons of girls like that.!!

Answer #58

Talk about your likes and dislikes. If you guys are Together, the smallest little comment can lead to a full blown conversation. Talk about movies, food, whatever.

Answer #59

Yeah, think you’re cool. Its not too bad talking about sex but it makes much more sense when its just once in a while

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