What animal makes a fantastic pet??

What animal will make a fantastic pet??
*just curious*

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parrots or a snake

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Well that depends on how much time you are willing to give and what you want to spend. I've had guinea pigs, birds and recently a ferret. Easy pet-guinea pig. Birds are fun. A ferret? huge responsibility but they are amazing and friendly.

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Out of all my pets, my favorite are my

Mixed breed dog - Dory
My Ball Python - George

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A little doggie..


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a dog is a good pet.

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Kitty cats

word for Animal

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Mixed breed or "mutt" dogs are the best!
They will give you their heart!!!

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Man's best friend, the Dog - specifically, a Border Collie :-)

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a decent size dog. a big dog is a family dog, jowever a tiy chiwower would be a rubbish choice they're are just too dam small! so that's why we have a 40kg black labrodor called Jack! best friend/ dog in the world.
s long as you treat them well, they treat you well. and the biger the dog, the more cuddly.

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a cat. they're pretty much independant and when they love you you know it's unconditional because they're really solitary most of the time and very picky on who they bestow their affection.
it took a couple of years but my cat is inseperable from me.
it all really depends on what kind of personality you have. try searching for quizzes like that, I'm sure they can help you decide what's a best choice for YOU

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DOGS!!! Well, and then there are cats...I like them, too. I also have a soft spot for horses...

I've always wanted to get a ferret...husband has nixed that plan for 10 years...tho.


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If you're too young and unstable to own a dog or cat (like me).. or you're landlord says no effin way.. then Rats are the way to go! so friendly and lovable.. and trainable! My rats answer to their names :)

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Dogs, they're MUCH more loving than cats. There about the only animal I know of that actually LIKE to obey their owner. (: I Absouletley LOVE dogs. Can't you tell by my username?! LOL.

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Hey...if you don't like the responsibility of dogs and cats... How about a cool tank of fish? You could learn with easy ones , then graduate to a super cool underwater world, like a salt tank...with a coral reef and all. Lots of care, but super cool to view..Like an alien world.

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well, it depends on what you want. What I like may not be a good fit for you. Me, I am a dog person

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a little cute fox puppy:)

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