What and where are some sunny vacation areas?

Hi. After Christmas and New Years my parents want to go somewhere sunny to escape from the coming rain(We live in Washington) and we’re wondering what are some places to go to that are nice,clean,and sunny?(Hotels,beaches,ect.)But they have already been to Hawaii so they want to try something new. It could be out of the country and out of the continent.Any reccomandations? Thanks!

Answer #1

Australia, if you like the heat. Plenty of beaches here, and it’s in the middle of summer! Some places around here are really lovely at the moment.

~AnimalInsanity x

Answer #2

Hainan Province, China. Tianya Haijiao , also be interpreted as The Edge of the Sky and The End of the Sea, means the remotest corner of the earth, is undoubtedly Sanya’s most famous scenic spot and the highlight for almost every visitors. Not only for the spectacular beaches and expansive ocean view, but its outstanding title and rich history, for its title is a set phrase in Chinese that brings profound poetic allusions with.

you can get more about it on http://www.foreignercn.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=655:tianya-haijiao&catid=39:other-cities&Itemid=123

Answer #3

St. Croix, USVI, thats were I live and its always sunny, and the beaches are beautiful!! ;)

Answer #4

If you go to florida, better make it south florida or the keys. The upper parts of Florida are pretty cold right now.

Answer #5

The european states north of the mediterranean sea can be quite cold in wintertime. Like 15 celsius and rain. If you go to the south of the mediterranean sea, then you’ll be warm. But those are arabian countries. Except the island of Malta which is mostly catholic. The north african locals might have prejudices against american citizens.

Canary islands (Spain) has sahara desert climate but is politically european. The carribean should be warm but rainy. Australia and New Zealand have summertime now. Southeast Asia is definitely warm. So you can try New Guinea, Malaysia or Indonesia.

Or any south pacific miniature island. Like Fiji or Tonga. I believe that the USA have a US-state territory down there called American Samoa. Maybe you want to go there? At least you will not need tourist visa.

bye the sheep

Answer #6

Maldives, not crowded, takes forever from the states, but has some of the best surfing in the world.

Bali, Indonesia, but I’ve heard it’s pretty crowded at this point…

Thailand - I’m at Six Senses hideaway right now, it’s awesome. About 2 hours outside of Bangkok, but if you want to stay in the city, shopping is great for clothing, jewelry and mobile phones, and the Erawon (not sure on spelling) is where we stayed for a day while there, it was excellent.

Answer #7

I would try the Mediterranean area, or the Caribbean. go to Puerto Rico or Brazil. I don’t know much about travel, just climatography and geology. I personally think Mexico is dirty. Don’t call me racist please, the people are great, their government…not so great.

Think equatorial areas!

And take me with you! I live in Portland OR and I’d make a good bodyguard for your family =D

Answer #8

some sunny places that I have been is san diego califroina and st. augstine florida

Answer #9

California, Florida, Brazil, Africa, And The Caribean, Maybe Mexico, Like Cabo San Lucas And Cancun!

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