How to remove permanent marker from my pe uniform?

Hi guys..OK so I wrote my name on my p.e. uniform and my teacher noticed it..she told me to remove it by next can you remove it?
it's ok if there'll be the mark...I need things to fade/remove it..
please help


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Spray lots of hairspray on it, let it soak for five minutes then rub the fabric together and throw it in the wash.This has worked for me in the past and is also good for pen marks.

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hand sanitizer works really good , just put a little pit on a cotton ball rub it in till it starts coming off and throw in the wash you can also use bleach, rubbing alcohol, or lemons

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try nail polish remover!!!
why are you not alloud to have your name on your uniform???thats dumb

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I know it's dumb...
thx anyway

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