What age were you when you had your first drink of alcohol?

How old were you when you first drank alcohol? Or had your first cigarette?! Did you choose to or was it peer pressure?!

Answer #1

Does Rum cake count as drinking? If not then I was about 7 but it wasn’t much. I started smoking last year when I was 13 and I’ve been smokin since. The drinkin wasn’t but the smokin was peer pressure.

Answer #2

Well, If you consider my mom letting me sip wine on New years when I was younger, Probably like 7, But on my own, I was probably 11, My friend and I would Pour her fathers Canadian Club into our pop (He left it on the counter) And Same for Smoking, Didn’t keep it up though, SMoked other things instead ;)

Answer #3

Thats so interesting…thanks…I was just wondering because there are people in my school as young as the age of 13 maybe even younger and they are getting alcohol and getting drunk whenever they have they have the opportunity. My close friends are like this…I myself have never drank alcohol but have smoked on occasion.

Answer #4

I was 13 when I first drank alchol… I’ve never smoked cigarettes… but I was 15 when I first smoked a cigar. It wasn’t peer pressure.

Answer #5

lol dont laugh my familys jewish and jews have this rule that you have to drink at least 4 sips of wine on passover and I’ve been doing that since I was like 6 lol

Answer #6

oh and I’ve been smoking since I was twelve yup peer pressure

Answer #7

10 when I first had alcohol, I was at a christmas party that a family friend was throwing and there were glasses of drinks everywhere so I just walked around and drank random half empty cups.. so no, it wasn’t peer pressure. I was 12 when I had my first joint, I was at my much older sisters friends house and one of their family members left a lit joint in an ashtray.. and I was curious I guess so no peer pressure.. and 14 when I had a cigarette.. I just took one from my moms purse to see what it was like, and it sucked, f*ck cigarettes.

Answer #8

I was 10. lol, I know. My dad let me try it and I love it. Though no one is supposed to know.. lol. So it was peer pressure, somewhat. He was teasing me about it, and then I chose to try it. And no cigarettes. I don’t want to die. And as for peel who drink and smoke,is it really worth risking your life like that? Cancer and drunk driving? If you’re not afraid of that then go ahead.. But seriously. Think about it.

Answer #9

I was about 13 when I drank my first alcoholic beverage.It was at my moms bets friends house,and It was only one drink.Not peer pressure. Then I smoked my first cigarrette when I was 14,at my best friends house.That wasnt peer pressure either,I wanted to try one. I was 14 when I smoked my first joint,at my aunts house.That kind of was peer pressure,but not really.She wasnt going to make me do anything I didnt want to,but she definitely encouraged it.

Answer #10

I was 11 I think, for both of those

Answer #11

I was 19 when I had my first drink, I’ve never tried cigarettes

xox Sika

Answer #12

around 17, (cant smoke, dunno why), nope not peer pressure

Answer #13

Well I’m not 21 yet so in a few months I will

Answer #14

ohh and I dont smoke cigs but I smoke pot somethimes

Answer #15

^^^ your so lucky!!1 my sis has let me drink since I ws 11

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