What about Geos?

I hate seeing these commercials for cars that get an “amazing” 32 mpg. My dad had a 1994 Geo metro that got 45! I definitely think that they should start making Geos again. I know that there are hybrids, but a 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid 2WD Sport Utility Vehicle will only get 21 mpg! Geos are the way to go. What do you think?

Answer #1

I had a ‘94 Geo that I sold a few months ago..the only reason I sold it was because it was high miles and not reliable for my 3 kids and I anymore, but otherwise, I loved it! (except for the no air part) LOL

Answer #2

In respone to mikeh: We’re not behind the curve in auto technology, we just apply it differently. Europe is a lot smaller so their cars are small and get better mileage. Here in America we’ve applied our technology for American Muscle. Go Mustangs and Camaros!

Answer #3

NOOO I dont like geo’s they fall apart easy and are very unreliable in the winter because of their lack of power and weight… I would rather have a world of smart cars then geo’s.

Answer #4

That sounds like a great car (well, maybe not the falling apart bit, but the rest). It’s great to know that they’ve been made like that, and appreciated, in the past - I hope we get back to thinking like your dad.

Answer #5

My brother drove a Geo for ages. It had no power or pickup, but he filled up the tank once a month and it never broke down. By the time he was ready for a new car, Geos were impossible to find.

The current state of fuel efficiency is mind-boggling, you’re absolutely right. People touting the glory of hybrids’ fuel economy are massive hypocrites who simply don’t want to go the extra mile and buy a subcompact. The Chinese, meanwhile, have MINIMUM fuel-efficiency standards of 43 MPG for consumer cars, and many automakers in Europe are producing cars getting 50-60 MPG on diesel.

The US is pathetically behind the curve in auto technology, just as we are in so many, many, many other things. But we have the biggest guns! Whooo!

I hate this country sometimes.

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