What a non-circumcised penis looks like?

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When erect a non-cicumcised penis looks exactly like a cut penis. When flacid a uncut penis just has moveable skin covering the glans-head. For those women who think a non-circumcised penis smells, let me state that an unwashed vagina can stink too! For both genders it is simply a matter of keeping those parts clean. There is NO compelling reason to cut off a natural part of either genders parts.

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Same as a normal penis. But just with a skin hood on the top. Look it up on the net. There are plenty of photos/drawings!

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Try Google.com

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While it is correct that they both look similar in an erect stage with the intact penis foreskin retracted those with excessive foreskins and/or phimosis are a different looking animal. These tend not to look sexy. This is so true that only men with a foreskin covering their glans were permitted to perform in the original olympics. Any man with a permanently retracted or clipped (circumcised) penis was not allowed due to the sexiness as compared to the blah look of the uncircumcised.

Unless the foreskin is worn permanently retracted- which can be achieved by some "intact" men there is going to be some difference in odor. Those with an intact foreskin will be marinating their glans in the residual drops of urine. This won't even wash out because it has soaked into the glans and inside of the foreskin.

As a male reaches sexual maturity the lack of exposure to air with the uncircumcised has a high probability of causing real "wimpiness" in the penis as it will be oversensitive to being exposed and oversensitive to touch.

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A normal penis does not have part cut off. You can see pictures at the circumstitions dot com gallery

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Supersandra: Um, I beg to differ with you on your observations. Although I was circumcised at birth, the doc left me with lots of extra rolling skin, something of a rarity in circumcised men. Contrary to your opinions, an uncircumcised penis does not smell bad at all; it only smells bad if the guy doesn't practice good hygiene. I have been with several men who are uncircumcised, and I have NEVER noticed a bad smell except in the case of one guy with whom I did not complete the sex act until he washed properly down there first. Any adult male who has been circumcised as an adult will tell you that (1) he lost lots of sensitivity afterward, and (2) that there can be some resulting ED as well. I would NEVER circumcise my sons, and I wish my own parents had not done this to me; that is why I have stretched and regrown my lost foreskin (sensitivity GREATLY improved)and I consider circumcision as a form of genital mutilation. How would you like it if I said your vagina was ugly and it stunk because your clitoris and clitoral hood was still intact (and I have smelled more than a few nasty-smelling vaginas, too)? Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; I have seen many beautiful penises, most of which were UNCUT. Until you grow your own penis, leave the circumcision decision to the men, where it belongs.

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uncircumcised penises look the same as circumcised penises when errect. Some uncircumcised males foreskins remain pulled back and the head of the penis exposed and look no different to a circumcised penis when not errect apart from the flexibility to stretch the foreskin over the head. my uncircumcised penis has been this way since I was 13, my foreskin remains retracted and penis head remains exposed and kept clean.

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A penis is beautiful in all its form, I have seen a lot of uncircumcised penis all of them are extremeley beautiful.A penis never smells very bad like vagina ,as a girl I am very sure about it,If Penis is kept hygenically it smells good as well as feal good, so it won.t creatr any problem to girls in any way.For females even though they keep their vagina clean still it smells very bad .that is why vaginal wash(lotion) is invented.Males never need it because in most of the case Their penis is clean is clean

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non circumcised penises are very unattractive and unappealing to look at. they smell and look like a frankfurt with the skin pulled over the end of it, covering the meat inside. the foreskin is a harbourer of bacteria which has been renowned for causing cervical cancer in women. I am of the opinion that all men and boys be routinely circumcised for optimum health and hygeine and that of their wives. I truly feel sorry for all the women out there [and men] whose partners are uncircumcised. Super.Sandra

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ill send u pics as soon as i turn 18

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