What should i eat if my stomach hurts

what should I eat if my stomach hurts because I'm really hungry

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matlee 19i had the same problem as you. eat in small amounts and slowly this will help your stomach!

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im stomach hurts!!!

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start with saltines..then you gradually start eating soup

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saltene crackers and 7-up

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hmm try some porkchops with white rice and come chile:]

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hi im having the same problem I've been trying to eat normal but every time I do throw up...what should I do?

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Ginger biscuits. Might sound insane, but it works a treat :]

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like if you were sick I'd say crackers and simple foods such as that but if your stomach hurts cause your hungry just go eat.

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broth. that's if you haven't eaten in awhile. Are you trying to starve yourself. Eat

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