I have a 16 hr flight tomorow

I am stayin up 2night cus I have a 16 hr flight 2morow and I dont want to b awake 4 it so ya I am stayin up. problem..lots of freaken noises everywhere creepin me out I am now thinkin there is some monster-rat runnin around lolz and my house has been broken in2 before so when the door makes noice I flip lmfao I still have like 4-5 more hrs 2 stay awake what can I do 2 keep my mind busy?!?!?!?!? ^_^ thnk u :D

Answer #1

watch a movie listen to music and dance or sing along to it do one of your hobbies or start up a new one make something cook something go on the net read a book/mag research something on the net and learn about something you didnt know before play a game/videogame

Answer #2

O.o Yipes. tol. xP its okay. xD I get freaked out a ton, too. xD especially when im the only one awake in my house. xD and then theres all these wierd noises… that actually end up being nothing. xD it’s okay. im sure that there’s no monster rat running around. ^- omg… O.o well… for one, make sure that the doors are locked. xD music helps SO much. x] and keep talking to meh. xD that should help keep your mind off of things. or read a book. keep yourself occupied. that’s the main thing. x] and if it makes you feel better, have some self-defense item close to you. like a baseball bat or something. x] that always reassures me. xD except I hold onto a hockey stick. xD ahaha! ^^

Answer #3

researching something is a good idea because I don’t know about you but when I’m fascinated by something I research for hours on end, mainly because I feel obligated to learn about every little detail.

stay away from books and magazines though, def will make you sleepy.. don’t get comfy on the couch either.

you can clean and organize, double check your suitcase, look up holiday gifts online, paint your nails, try new hairstyles, exercise, watch youtube videos..

and I’m just like you, everything freaks me out at night..

Answer #4

Talk to people on a social site/a social site anything like that, listen to music, research something,etc…

Answer #5

You could watch a movie.

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