What 20 reasons can i use to get my phone back?

My parents took my phone and I need to find a way to get it he said that if I can give him 20 reasons he will give it to me but this the catch he said it has to be legit questions so please help.

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1.You could use it in emergencies.
2.If your phone has internet and your low on money you hack money on to your phone.
3.You can use it's vibration to reveive someone who passed out.
4.If you know how to wire it up,you can electrocute people with it if you get attacked(PS:it won't kill them,it'll just knock them back.)
5.If you get stuck in a blizzard,you could hug it for warmth.
I can't think of anymore but I hope this helps:)!

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well, so long as your not txting while driving, or txting while walking or txting at work, then plead your case to him. tell him that your not irresponsible with your phone like other teens are, that you use it to search up questions, incase of emergency, I mean, what if you got kidnapped, and the kidnapee didnt see you had a phone, then you could use it to tell the police! plus, when thrown with a mighty arm, it makes a good weapon.

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Well, I can give you a few GOOD reasons,
1. You need it just in case something bad happens, and you need to dial 911, or call a parnet quick.
2. If you go somewhere with a friend, you can be able to get ahold of your parents and let them know where you are at all times.
Thats all I can give you for now, until then, just keep thinking of good reasons.
- Advice Girl, (:

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so you can text them for emergencies, that's the only legit thing I can think of.

* I reckon there was a reason that your parents took your phone right? you could show them that you're responsible enough to correct whatever it is that got you that punishment and then they can give back your phone.

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if you volunteer for a suicide hotline or something, you may need your phone so that you could save someone from killing themselves.

your friend is in a bad situation and you need your phone in case she needs you for something, and you are the only one she trusts to talk to about the situation

You have put in lots of college or work applications and need your phone so that they can reach you. This could be drug out for more than one reason. Use it for each application you put in...so krogers can call...so wendy's can call ect...

In case of emergencies

in case your car breaks down on the high way or something.

in case you witness a crime or emergency and need to call for help.

so that your parents know where you are at all times.

So that they an contact you of any emergencies or changes in plans, if you are out somewhere or at a friends house.

Because you have learnt your lesson and you will not do whatever it was that you did to get your phone taken away

So that your friends and people contacting you don't bug your parents by calling them all the time to speak with you.

So that you don't bug your parents to use their phone all the time.

texting your friends is easier than writing a letter

you use your phone as an alarm clock to wake you up for school or work

you have reminders set on your phone for important dates, appointments or when school work or projects are due and thats the only way you can keep track of everything going on!

because without it you wouldn't know what to do with yourself and you would always be board.

You are a teenager, everyone has cell phones and you won't fit in, you could possibly lose friends if they aren't able to contact you when they need or want to.

you use it to take picures of important memories you don't ever want to forget.

***just think of all the things you use your cell phone for, come up with a reason it is important to continue on that way!

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1) You need something to chuck at bears.
2) Hooking the battery up to aluminum foil paddles could save your father's life in the event of a heart attack.
3) Flip phones can be used to clack out SOS messages in Morse code.
4) Phones light up, acting as impromptu flashlights when hunting for pirate treasure underneath Astoria, Oregon.
5) If someone is trying to remember a song and that song happens to be your ringtone, you can say, "Is it THIS?" Then you will be a hero and probably get a medal. (Note: this one doesn't happen all that often)
6) The buttons can be a choking hazard if pried off, which can save you from psychotic babies.
7) Strap phones to your feet for added traction in ice storms.
8) Did I mention the bears already? Yeah? Okay...
9) Allows you to make telephone calls. Kind of surprised this one isn't higher on the list, actually.
10) Signal extra-terrestrials (Note: Only works if your cell phone has a radio telescope attached to it)
11) Phones are not edible, but can keep your stomach feeling full, which acts as a diet aid.
12) They use no gasoline, and so are environmentally-friendly.
13) Better use of your time and money than crack or engaging in the white-woman slave trade.
14) Can be used to hammer your way free of the Ice Prison of Dr. Terrible.
15) Can be used to call for a ride after hammering your way free of the Ice Prison of Dr. Terrible, because what are you gonna do, WALK home from the North Pole? Dream on, sister.
16) The importance of a cell phone's use in warding off bears cannot be overstated.
17) If you have an iPhone and have Grindr loaded, it shows you the location of every gay man near your current location. Seriously, this is a real product. Look it up.
18) Light it on fire for added pocket warmth.
19) A cell phone is not a proven contraceptive, but it's not a DISproven contraceptive either.

Damn, only 19. So close. Well, sorry, I tried. Good luck.

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