Wetting my dogs!

Soo you knowhow itsd summer! Its soo hot here in vegas but yea since my dogs are outside dogs they manage they have shaddy areas and plenty of water :d!
But I usualy throw a bucket of water on them to cool my dogs of but only one of my dogs hate it,, but its for his own good right? Or am I missing sumthing.. Is it bad for their coats or su,mthing?

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I think a hose is a better idea, dousing the one dog with a bucket is probably scrary...It is good for them tho...cools them off on the inside as well as the outside. The one dog is probably just not fond of water, so using a pool for it won't do any good, as I'm sure you have to "force cool" that dog...

Also, with temps in Las Vegas, I don't know how long a pool would even stay cool...here in Montana, the pool gets pretty warm by the end of the day, and your temps are far higher...


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I wouldn't recommend THROWING water on them --- besides scaring them --- think of how you would feel if someone threw a bucket of cold water on you! Not very pleasent at all!

A nicer way --- get a nozzle for your hose and use a fine spray or even a misting one if that's on it --- nothing fancy ---

Keep in mind, some dogs that like to jump into lakes, rivers and oceans... HATE getting sprayed!

If they don't like it --- Just make sure they have GOOD shelter, and plenty of water available to them.

They dont like the heat any better than most of us do, and they can't just turn on the a/c like us --- so it's up to us (you) to do it for em... :)

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An easier and popular way is to buy a hard-plastic kiddie pool and leave it filled with water in the back yard. That way your dogs can dip their feet in or drench themselves if they want to, when they want to :)

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if you just throw water on them randomly, then most dogs would get scared, I would just pour the water on them slowly :P

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