Why do get wet a lot down there?

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I went to the hospital because I thought that I was pregnant from this R&R my boyfriend came, but im not. I found out i have anxiety, and excessive stress etc... BUT the amount of water down there is sooooo much every minute im wet. Is this a infection? I dont have inssurance or anything. What do you guys suggest? How can I stop this wetness, or try to make it less smelly. Then on my cliktoris(idont know how to spell that) i feel a weird sensation like i need to pee but i dont want to.I wash myself pretty all the time and wipe myself but....its getting annoying the fact that i have to change underwaear alllllllll the time. someone tell me. I dont know what to do.

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The wetness is from being turned on or because its summer and women tend to sweat down there because of the lack of air. Also the tingling is normal, it just meanss your turned on.

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Hmm...well i mean i havent had sex in 2-3 months already...but i have noticed being turned on by girls a lot lol...and im not bi. LOL.thats so weird..that should be my other question. But do you have an answer for "how to get rid of the smellyness."

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no, its normal. its just wetness, every girl is difrent but its normall.. im the same.

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