Wet a lot just rubbing myself is this normal?

hey, so.. I am a virgin but I find myself very horny lately I have been fingering myself every night allthough it feels really good and fun is it halming me doing it so much?? I sumtimes put my finger in but it hurts aswell as feels gud so I end up just rubbing myself , I get really really wet aswell is this normal?

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Yeah im pretty sure its normal, your a teen. But im a guy so I don't know.

Im horny a lot also. I used to jack off like 3 or 4 times a week but now I normally only do it once a week. I think maybe you should try only doing it once a week, I think your orgasms will be more intense.

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"getting wet" is normal. It's your body reacting to pleasure. It wets the vagina opening to make sexual intercourse less painful. There is nothing wrong with it.

It's totally normal to get horny. you are finding out all about sex and sexual feelings it is only natural to experiment. Although you say that it has started to hurt? then that is an indication that you are doing it too much. Listen to your body, it it hurts stop. masturbation is fine until pain occurs then it should be done less often until pain goes away.

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ya its totally normal. try to cut back on the masterbation though. listen if your body says ouch

is it normal for the wet in vigina to be sticky and slimy?

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