Did you become a werewolf in Skyrim?

Answer #1

Yesh. i wish i didnt.

Answer #2

Yes, the first time I never bothered to cure it, but I did my next few playthroughs, as well as curing the other Companions. I’ve never really done much with it, but it’s a fun addition. Glad they brought it back.

Answer #3

I did, though I hardly use it.

Answer #4

same here! I use it when i need but i don’t use it as much as i thought i would -.- :D

Answer #5

then do the quest to cure yourself!

Answer #6

i havent come across that yet, i might look online.

Answer #7

sweet! but why don’t u like it? It’s not like being a vampire where everybody hates u -.- and the only side effects is that u get hair on ur chest and and u don’t get rested bonuses… But who cares about the rested bonuses?

Answer #8

as long as im in form everyone attacks me and the time it takes to transform leaves you vulnerable and im an argonian so im naturally weaker than a nord, and my werewolf is the same… my friend puts all his perks in two-handed and thats all he does, im an all-around decent argonian. and im married, id like to have that romance benefit from sleeping together but i cant get it… i still havent told her im a werewolf.

Answer #9

Hahaha! bro, no offense but I think choosing to be Argonian was your first problem! :D And you have to think strategically… like when u kill the Kev The Skinner… The first mission u do once u turn into a werewolf. Crouch, open door then transform! You turn into the beast and kick their A**! I thought Argonians had that hard shell power where they get more protection. Ergh… I sound nerdy as hell! Hahaha!

Answer #10

You should be able to get rid of it soon enough, just keep doing Companions quests. And no matter who your spouse is, they will attack you when you’re a werewolf… Stupid Vilkas.

Answer #11

hahaha! Vilkas is your husband?? Why would he attack you?! He’s a werewolf too!

Answer #12

argonians are resistant to disease, have the histkin power, and breathe underwater. very useful in oblivion, hasnt done much here yet. no dragons underwater. and i married sylgia <3

Answer #13

Lol, I’m so doing it.

Answer #14

Definitely do it man! Don’t be a vampire… vampires suck.. ;) Geddit? hehehe. Also, you can turn into a werewolf at anytime well.. once a day but i mean its not like u turn into a werewolf only at Midnight.

Answer #15

Yeah, I married Vilkas in my first game because everyone else I wanted to marry wasn’t an option. For some reason I had a scene played out in my head that it would be funny to turn into a werewolf and burst into my house, while growling out “HONEY I’M HOME.” It didn’t go as well as I thought.

Answer #16

Yes I did lol there’s actually no downside to it, u get to change into a wolf whenever u want u get added stats and best of all it protects you from getting other diseases…sounds good to me:)…btw did u guys glitch the game to become level 81

Answer #17

hell yeah! HIV cant touch me now

Answer #18

Very funny… Hahahaha! Lmao..

Answer #19

I did, though I enjoy vampirism much more…

Answer #20

Really? But Team Jacob is better!! Everybody hates u if u a vampire..

Answer #21

hey what level are you slashdown?

Answer #22

Team Jacob XD? And as long as you travel at night, the perks of being a vampire are much better than a werewolf.

Answer #23

I am level 24. I don’t play it as much as I used to but I still enjoy a relaxing session of Skyrim :D I got distracted by bf3, red dead redemption and the uncharted series! what level r u?

Answer #24

yeah that invisibilty thing is pretty sweet…

Answer #25

erm, im really vowing to put the controller down, im level 50. -.- whenever im off i wake up and play skyrim all day. now ive glitched the whole game, the stupid thieves guild screwed me ALL up.

Answer #26

wow.. :D What u mean? I finished it no problem. If you are using ps3 like me and u r having horrible lag issues go to ur save files and delete the old ones that you don’t need.. And nstead of creating a new save all the time overwrite ONE save file. Delete the rest…

Answer #27

Nah i keep two files only no autosave, but i cant do the shill job in whiterun cause ive already done the battle of whiterun, and i killed two wizard guards in calcettos tower in markarth and now i cant go back to finish the quest… -.-

Answer #28

sucks to be u buddy :D hehehe… Well when u that angry… Turn into a werewolf and terrorize Riverwood… :P

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