Is it weird to sit alone in a cafe?

Sometimes I just want to get a coffee and read alone in a cafe, but I worry that people will think it's strange. I know I shouldn't give a damn about what they think, but I'm just curious. :)

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Not if you want to :-)

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Nothing wrong being comfortable in your own company. It's natural to think about itbecause it's a social environment but I really doubt most people pay that much attention to someone sitting on their own. I do it sometimes in my lunch hour, when I just want to be by myself, it's nice to do it sometimes.

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na not at all. Many people sit alone in cafes.. authors writing, people on their work break just grabbing some me-time, parents waiting out the last 15 mins before picking up kids from daycare, people waiting to meet up with others... some people grab a coffee while browsing shops alone or before starting the grocery shopping haha me.

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Its just like yolo man its great.

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It is to me haha. If I see someone alone at a restaurant or movies or something, it just doesn't look right. But who cares about mine or anyone elses opinion :p

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Nope. Songs are written about such things. Sitting there alone and looking out the window is a good time for you to reflect and think about things you may not if you had company.

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no not weird, but and can feel a little awkward but if you WANT to be alone then its defiantly not weird sometimes i like to sit by myself if im in a bad mood or have a headache or something like that. but some people just like there space.

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plus its not nearly as weird as seeing a bunch of people all sitting on ONE side of the table, and noone across from them. but ya if you want to be alone then its not weird a t all :)

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Nah I see people go to restruants alot n I'm sure it's nice to just b alone maybe b away for all the hectic stuff if your lifes crazy you know I could never eat alone though lol imma weirdo I absolutely hate being alone maybe it's just me but I always want someone with me..

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