Is it weird that my husband doesn't want me to get a bikini wax or anything like that because he doesn't want anyone looking at me?

I was wanting to try a bikini wax or a brazillian wax and he has a small problem with dont know if that’s strange or

Answer #1

it is strange. who else is looking at you other than him?

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Answer #3

kinda strange, do he trust you or something? Maybe he think your cheating, you should try talking to him about it and find out the reason why.

Answer #4

Yes. What exactly does he thinks happens when you go to the gynecologist?

Answer #5

he’s meaning the person giving me the

Answer #6

no..i dont think so..well he said he doens’t want anyone looking at me meaning..he doesn’t want the person giving me the wax looking at me?

Answer #7

well my gynecologist is an old

Answer #8

well if it is a nother girl, i dont think it would be too much of a problem. why dont you take him with you when u get it?

Answer #9

because that would be weird..and it’s a girl thing ya know..i just want to do something with the girls..go to the spa..lmao..i just wish he would shut up about’s just a professional wax..lmao..

Answer #10

Sweetie, i am going to be honest here…he sounds like a really jealous man…i dont know what or why would cause him to be this jealous, but its kind of sounding on the verge of being obsessed. For god sakes, its a woman…removing unwanted hairs to turn him on… he should be thanking you for even wanting to go bcz its quite embarrassing to bare urself in front of some stranger & have them wax u like that…i mean seriously coming face to face with all that excess hair…he should be grateful your willing to sacrifice your dignity here & baring yourself long enough to look beautiful just for him.

He is lucky he aint my man, hell I would be like look my body…we married, but you, you’re only borrowing this…its mine, been mine & will always be my property…so dont tell me what I can or cant do with it…got it! :P

If you want to do it, just go & do it…he’ll get over the issues with another woman seeing ya v@g. If he doesnt…then he has issues…not men issues either…but obsessive issues! That scares me. :(

Take care & good luck!

Answer #11

yeah really..i mean i do try to keep it good and shaved and all that ya youy being a’s hard to do all the time..and i hear waxing stays longer… yeah i think i’ll go anyway…lol..he’s also worried about me going to college in the spring where we moved to another state..he’s afraid im going to find someone else?…but i mean he’s not asking me not to go..but yeah..he’s still crazy worried about stupid

Answer #12

It seems like he’s being insecure and possessive, if you ask me. I’ve read some of your other comments and it seems like he really, really needs to chill out and relax. It’s your body and your choice, not his. As your husband, he should be a lot more understanding and trusting. It’s not healthy for your relationship at all for him to be that way.

Answer #13

Yes. Believe me there is nothing sexual about getting a bikini wax! There certainly is not any reason for him to be concerned. A bikini waxer sees womens genitals all the time.

Answer #14

=( i know..

Answer #15

i know..i try to tell him this…lol..

Answer #16

so where do u plan to go to college?

Answer #17

i dont know yet..somewhere down here in trying to figure out which one.

Answer #18

maybe.. i just dont know yet where at for

Answer #19

oh ok ;)

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Answer #21

hmm?? why was u wanting to know that?

Answer #22

oh no reason at all just like asking questions is all..

Answer #23

That is pretty immature. He just has some self esteem issues.

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Answer #25

dont u like to know things?

Answer #26

Guys don’t like other guys looking there girlfriend or wife. Just do it to make him happy.

Answer #27

Haha! xD

Answer #28

My bf is the same way, he doesn’t want anyone else seeing my private areas but him. I’m fine with it, because honestly…I don’t want anyone seeing my private areas but him either. (Unless it’s absolutely necessary, like at the doctor’s or something.) I just shave.

However, if you do not want to shave, or get rid of the hair on your own…then just talk to him about it. Tell him you don’t want anyone else to see your private area either, but this is just something that girls get done. Try to make a compromise of some sort…maybe make it to where when you get it done, it’s by a woman, and maybe he can come with you if he wants. That will make him feel a lot better about this. That way, you are both happy. :)

Answer #29

Sweetie, I still feel like he has issues…trust issues. I mean i can understand some men having issues with their spouses going off to college, work, strange men riding the train/bus with them & can always hit on them even in a deli while getting lunch…but to go to a salon to get a bikini wax…its not like a man will be performing the whole deal and coming that close to using his hands or fingers to touch your v@g. Hey I just thought of something…what if you suggested going with him so he could see what is going on…maybe he would have a fit & leave the room & say never again just go do your thang bcz that was too painful to bare. like when men are afraid that their wives are being checked by a male obgyn & want to come with…lol my dad once lost consciousness when my mom had to get a pap…since then he nev goes anywhere with her…barely even shopping. I guess sometimes a man has to learn his lesson til he decides to give in. :P

Good luck regardless! :)

Answer #30

agreed! its just a professional wax and you deserve a day of pampering, out with the girls…as he does with his guy friends! So tell him to chill you have fun & make it a sweet night when you get back! :P

Answer #31

Ask him if he would want to go with you. A bikini waxing is the same thing as a gynelogical exam, thee waxer seems a million v@ginas and is not getting any sexual pleasure from it. Would he be opposed to you going to to gynocologist? Ask him that.

Answer #32

Most people who do waxes are female…

Answer #33

I had a spray tan today and had to stand there in just a thong, my boyfriend did make a comment ‘Is it a man doing it’ lol but it wasnt and he didnt have much of a problem with it. I don’t think it is strange though it just shows that he loves you I suppose.

Answer #34

When I was an art model in college my girlfriend hated the idea that other people saw me naked. When I wasn’t getting enough hours at my main job she just had to get over it. I didn’t mind doing it and it was both easier and paid better than most other available jobs.

I think it is common for people to be possessive of their partner’s assets but I think your husband just needs to get over it.

Answer #35

It is strange. My ex was that way, but he was also abusive and he cheated. My ex was a very insecure man, I can’t speak for your guy obviously. But you can’t constantly baby him or give into his every whim, otherwise he will push you harder. The best relationship advice I ever received was: Don’t do something now, you don’t want to do for the next 50 yrs. So, if you don’t mind giving up what you want, fine, but you will be doing it the rest of your life.

Answer #36

i wouldnt think its weird. my bf doesnt want me to get my nipples pierced bcuz he doesnt want some dude lookin there cuz he thinks they will try to get fresh or get turned on lol

Answer #37

not really, i mean i get why hhe doesnt want you to, but its kinda wierd and controling

Answer #38

its both ways.. if you want a bikini wax for yourself. get it. he just doesnt want guys to be hittin on u and tryina tap that. cause your his girl. but i dont think he needs to stress so much over it…

Answer #39

its both ways.. if you want a bikini wax for yourself. get it. he just doesnt want guys to be hittin on u and tryina tap that. cause your his girl. but i dont think he needs to stress so much over it…

Answer #40

Doesn’t want or care. He might like or not mind you being hairy however if you want to get it done and his protesting then he might be jealous and insecure you are either going to leave him or are cheating maybe.

Ask him!

Answer #41

yes it is..

Answer #42

That is a COMPLETELY different situation, and he has every reason to not want you to get that pierced.

Answer #43

well doesn’t he want to look at you? :)

Answer #44

he shud rly not do this way….its ur lyf n body at the end of the day.try tellling him hw sexy it is to touch the pudenda without hair. he might b ok aftr dat

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