Is it weird if my boyfriend goes to the movies with his ex?

They were together for two years I believe. He says she’s his movie buddy along with her sister. Also that she was his best friend. Should I be worried

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I think it is

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Yes, bit iffy if you ask me. But there is no law that says you cannot spend time with an old love.

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Yeah. Especially if you aren’t friends with her.

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Not exactly weird but it would be something that may mess up your mind a bit if you are not 100% happy or secure within your relationship with your boyfriend. Personally, I wouldn’t like my partner going to watch a movie or having dinner with an Ex. If it is with a bunch of friends, no issues there, but for a one-on-one scenario, I would be incline to ask him outright, “why, do you feel the need to go out and watch a movie with your ex?”

Answer #6

Thanks yours was really good advice, I decided I’m just going to tell him how I feel about it

Answer #7

It could be that he is falling for her once again. but then again, it could mean that they are simply good friends. I know people who have dated eachother, and once the relationship is over tjey become great friends. Just because they know eachother perty well, found differences and accepted them and want to still make it work out with a friendship. You can talk to him either way, snd let him know how I makes you feel, and hear his part of the story, try to be understanding. Also trust is a big thing here, if he sais nothing is going in, that it is just a friendship, you need to trust him. Know that he loves you and give him space.

Answer #8

Good girl !!! Stand up to him and don’t let him pull the wool over your eyes. His going on a movie date with an ex is making you upset, so upset that you have to post a question means it is not “ok with you”. If he really cares about your feelings, he will stop ‘hanging out” with his ex. If he wants to hang out one on one with his ex and doesn’t give a crap about your feelings, maybe it is time to replace the guy.

Answer #9

“Give him space and she needs to try to be a bit more understanding” WTF… She is obvious having some uneasiness about her boyfriend spending time with an ex-girlfriend. Pray, please do tel me, are you actually in a serious relationship? If so, you must be the most secure 15 years old ever in the world.

Answer #10

I think its done, he got mad at me and just sent a message that said bye, he also said he knows I like someone else so why don’t I just date that guy and that I should stop leading him on if I do care. Usually at this time I would apologize but I don’t fell like it this time but I also don’t want to lose him. I know I’m a mess

Answer #11

hey, u tell him what u think, it dosen’t always end in fights and brake ups. sometimes if u take it slow, u get ur happy ending, but if he dosen’t come threw just give him some time. if ya’ll do brake up, it shows he dosen’t care, and no girl should be with a guy who thinks like that.

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talk to him calmly, it is a bit weird if he wants to go out with his ex , is he going alone with his ex or with other friends it might just be that they ended on good terms and there friends .if you know that he loves you theres nothing to worry about .

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your current with his ex? that seems like a bad idea unless your there too… in-between them.. while she sits 30 feet away. something may spark&movies are always bad for two people who had or have an interest in each other… that fact that he considered it or even is talking to his ex is messed up… their your X for a reason cause they do not belong in you life… tell him how u feel about it& if he understands then thats great if not you’ll know what to do hun :)

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With just his x alone or with her and her sister. At first it didn’t bother me but now it is. I do believe in our love but I only get to see him two days and she can see him whenever

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We fixed it I decided that I’m going to accept that he go’s to the movies with his x . He does love me and I should trust him more after a whole year of us

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Well its not weird exactly. It depends on how their relationship ended, I hate most of my exs but I did end up with a best friend at the end of one of my relationships. It all depends on the nature of the relationship. I wouldn’t necessarily worry about cheating or refalling in love but I would work a little extra hard to make sure that he knows that you are emotionally there for him, because if he feels that you aren’t, he’s more apt to confide in her instead. Which isn’t necessarily a horrible thing but its bound to cause more doubt and jealousy which is never good for any relationship.
So, my advice, don’t maul him but still always be there, don’t freak out on him over it (he will only think your a crazy bitch if theres nothing going on and it will hurt your relationship), but rather if you have to ask about it, do it calmly and subtly (so not to raise any defenses). And something I would definitely already done, TAG ALONG, go with, meet her and see what its all about. And most importantly, don’t jump to conclusions, it only gets you into trouble. You need to trust that you picked a good one, or the whole thing will just tear you apart. And there is no need for that, it only causes unnecessary trouble. So, luck and I hope it gos well :) remember to stay cool :)

Answer #17

That’s not acceptable full stop! How would he feel if you did the same?

Answer #18

Im still friend with my ex, and we try to hangout something but i dont tell my boyfriend because he gets extremely protective of me and he doesnt understand how exes can be friends. I dont alow going to the movies or anything that could be considered datish, because i find it inappropriate when im in an relationship, and i dont want to lead my ex on.

Answer #19

Umm just a lil hes ether CHEATING or is just really nice and is her friend .

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i agree

Answer #21

i don’t find it wierd as long as there just friends nothing more if you trust him then you shouldnt have to worry

Answer #22

Most of the guy take their ex in pity n hang with them as ‘friend’ but when a girl hang with her ex it because she still love him, i guess this girl is jalous and want her ex back

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Personally, I find tis disturbing. I wouldn’t want my bf going to such a private place like it is the movie theater with anybody else except maybe some guy friends much less an ex girlfriend. Look no matter how friendly they are now, I don’t think they should be meeting in the movie theaters. Why not grab a coffee, or something to eat instead? Some where a little more public that is. My boyfriend and I have discussed this before and we’re both on the same page about this. We’re both allowed to hang out with old friends but we rather it be in public places, private places will only mess with your thoughts and will eventually create conflict between your partner and you. Talk to him about how you really feel and he should be understanding I mean it is you and him in a relationship now, but really tell him because you obviously aren’t comfortable about it if you’re asking for advice right?…Good luck to you and I truly hope this helped you out. :)

Answer #24

Absolutely, once people have a sexual romantic relationship they can never backtrack 100% to a platonic friendship, so when they continue to spend time together alone there is always a hidden sexual subtext, it’s disrespectful of their current partners in every way, and really the reason they like being together is because it is a risk free way to stroke each others egos, since they are not in a relationship, there is no fall out.

Answer #25

Yes! Especially if he’s paying…they might as well be dating

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Answer #27

That is not ideal. Really he should be going to the movies with you and NOT his EX! It just doesn’t add up at all. I would not like it and also i wouldn’t do it either. Trust is very important but he is pushing it too far and needlessly so. :(

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