Does anyone know if this weekend is a double xp weekend for Black Ops on ps3?

Answer #1

I’m not sure but if you’d like to find out then log into the playstation network on your PS3 and go to home where you run around and chat with other avatars and you should be able to find out all the current events in the square. Or, if you have a game store nearby then you can call and ask them and they can tell you when it is at any point this month if it’s not this weekend.

Answer #2

oh ok thanks so much!!

Answer #3

Just an afterthought, there may be a website dedicated to PS updates and news that you can get the info from, or a Call of Duty site. Hell, the series is popular enough.

Answer #4

Yeah but its only for Nuketown isn’t it? Well are u r using PS3 so…. You know on the main menu when u click on Multiplayer? Look in the bottom right corner when you sign into PSN! There should be a Double XP weekend logo. You can’t miss it! Have fun! Kill noobs, don’t toob or camp tho -.- I hate campers

Answer #5

God!! I hate campers too, always expect everyone else to do the dirt. I’m more a gung-ho player when it comes to FPS games, just rush in with gun blazin’. Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out.

Answer #6

I know right? Dude these campers were in gangs!! Like 4 guys were in different areas in the house! I ran in and all 4 of them shot tubes at me!!!!!! Gawd I hate tubers!!!

Answer #7

That’s why I love my radar. I can see when they’re generally around a corner I’m coming up on and lob a grenade at ‘em! SKADOOSH BABY!!!

Answer #8

Ha ha SKADOOSH!! isn’t that in Family Guy? Ha ha! Brian says that when he plays as Chewbacka.

Answer #9

Actually I think SKADOOSH originated with Kung Fu Panda.

Answer #10

Im wayy to impatient to camp. i tried! haha i get overly anxious! lol

Answer #11

That’s why I run in guns blazing! (That, plus the enemy doesn’t expect it.)

Answer #12

This is like a foreign language to me !

Answer #13

Ha ha! Campers are just people in video games who sit in a corner and wait for somebody to run by and they shoot them.

Answer #14

right. even worse then the campers are the spawn-killers who wait by your respawning point to kill you when you appear

Answer #15

I’m learning so much on this site - what campers and emo girls are …. . .golly gosh !

Answer #16

I know! I just appear and then boom some guy with a stakeout shoots me!

Answer #17

Man, I hate those guys so much that whenever I find one I’ll try to gut him with my knife or respawn with my assault rifle firing wide open.

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