What's it feel like to smoke weed for the first time and get high?

When you smoke for the first time, how long does it take before you get high ? And how long does it last for ? How do you define “high”, like what do you feel or whatever ? Just curious.

Answer #1

I can answer this because I just started smoking not too long ago. The answer before said that the first time you smoke you wont need to smoke much at all. That is 100% false. The first time you get high, you will need to smoke more in order to get high. After your first time, It will be easier to get high. But if you start smoking a lot, your tolerance will increase, and you will need to smoke a lot more in order to get high. Also, for people who smoke frequently, if they don’t smoke for like a week (when they usually smoke every day), the next time they smoke they will get even higher than they usually do.

You also asked to describe what it feels like when you’re high. I feel very relaxed and calm. I also feel like everything is a lot more vibrant and detailed. Your thought process will also be significantly different (in a funny, random way). The first time I smoked, after wards I hopped in the back seat of my friends car (it was like 12:00 at night) and we drove around town (the driver wasn’t high). I don’t know whether or not it was the movements the car was making, the weird blue interior lighting or the loud sub woofer, but I definitely felt like I was somewhere else. It felt like I was in this weird spaceship. To this day, it is still one of my best highs.

And by the way, you WILL be able to tell if you are high or not. If you are questioning at all whether or not you are high, you are NOT high. Trust me on this one.

Also, you will only be high for about 3 1/2 hours (if you are smoking weed and not hash). Another thing I should mention is that you WILL be able to remember stuff normally the next day just like you normally would (weed is not like alcohol). Although, you may not be able to remember stuff as well during your high (kind of ironic, but worth mentioning).

The first time I smoked I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, if you feel this way don’t worry, it’s completely normal. But I would recommend smoking with people you feel really comfortable with for your first time. Good friends will understand that you are a bit nervous and be easy on you (and won’t get on your case for taking smaller hits than they do).

Sorry for the essay, but I hope this helps.

Answer #2

Its a common myth that the first time you smoke you dont get high.. the reason why most people dont get high there first time smoking is because they dont know what they are doing a lot of times they take a hit but dont inhale.. how you feel well ull definately know your high if you get high.. it will feel really strange the first time you do it.. everythings gonna feel kinda of intense and bright and colors will be very vibrant and nature will look really pretty and things will feel like there moving slowly and things will kind of be out of proportion and u’ll think a lot of the things you say dont make sense but it will actually be really easy to understand and ull act weird because you dont think what you said made sense even tho what you said did make sense or the complete opposite of that where you think what you said made sense but it actually didnt and the person your talkin to will giv you a weird @ss look and your gonna get fckin really hungry and if you eat ull eat really fast and devour the sht out of anything you do eat and your gonna feel kind of heavy like a force pushing down on you which is gonna make you feel like not doing anything and will make walking a lot more tiresome and difficult but will also make you feel more calm and relaxed.. and you will think thru things very deeply.. and you will make deductions about the universe that will seem very deep and everyone around you whos high will either burst out laughing or be like woah.. and also sometimes itll feel like your outside of your body watching urself if you ever get like really really high and itll be kinda weird but cool.. and also sometimes when your stopped in your car like at a stop light itll feel like your moving forward or at least it happens to me, but if that does happen just relax its just because your high.. and things wont seem any funnier then usual but ull have the uncontrolable urge to laugh at em.. and dont freak out the first time you do it just relax if you freak out itll suck big time.. and I mightve forgotten something I don’t know its probly because everytime I’ve been high I was to high to remember details afterwards.

Answer #3

I didnt get high until the third time I smoked. and it didnt kick in until 15 minutes later. and the first time I was high I just felt weightless and everything was flashing. it lasted about 2 hours. but the more you smoke weed it starts feelin differant. now if I smoke ill just feel completely relaxed and easily amused. then I get really burnt out and hungry about 20 minutes later. but I think it effects everyone differantly

Answer #4

Amen to the techno and reggae :P I tend to like really bass-heavy music when I’m high too. If there is a big sub woofer, it kind of makes me get a little dizzy and I start to trip balls :D. Just search for Benny Benassi music videos on youtube :D

Answer #5

If I get high, My “WeedBuds” usually tell me I act or speak as if I was 6 7 or 8. I find my- self staring to any detail of an item. Or you are clumsy and mutter and slurr your words together. Your tired and may get the munchies. Your music taste will crave techno or reggae.

Answer #6

You should only need to take two tokes to get stoned. And you will laugh a lot..and get hungry for munchies :P you will see things kinda like your drunk but not really..dont over do it, you could get sick and end up huggin a toilet until you fall asleep

Answer #7

The first time I ever smoked, we smoked a whole bag (5 girls)…a bag was one ounce back in those days…and not like the hybrid weed of today. We all got stoned, tho…but that’s a lot smokin’…


Answer #8

the first time I try it it as really sick I was rushed to the emergency room and they said that they needed to do surgery to take it out after the surgery my lungs were hurting I hardly can breathe I just took one puff of that imagine smoking everyday I din’t get high beacuse I was rushed to the emergency room and after the surgery cost 1,200 dollars and I had to spend 2 nights in juvi and complete 200 hours of community service DO NOT TRY WEED!!!

Answer #9

First time I smoked that stuff I felt really weird. Like my tongue felt like lead and was really heavy (it wasn’t really, just felt like it.) And then my whole body felt heavy. I lay on the floor and felt that I was being held down by something. When I went outside I thought the lamp post was waving to me so I was waving back at it. I went to the shops to get food and was parnoid that everyone was staring at me so I had to get out. Time felt like it was going really slowly. I felt weird, I hated the experience (I might have had a bad batch)

Answer #10

mmk sometimes when you smoke for the first time you cant feel it, because your just so not used to it, but then when you smoke again you definitely feel it, being high feels like being in a dream, and your sight is a lot more sharp. It doesnt take much at all to get high at first especially when you have never smoked before. and it last for a couple of hours or so.

Hope I helped. rate me. :)

Answer #11

I disagree, lol :P try it, it’s fun

Answer #12

Exactally. Like a really vivd dream but you dont wake up u just come down….

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