Whats your oppinion on it?

Answer #1

weed can kill you if your soft haha seriously though a buddy of mine smoked liek 5 gs before class the other day, and passed ouit crazy sh.it if you do it too much

Answer #2

I’d never smoke it… or use it however…because I’m fat enough without something that makes you get the “munchies” ! Also…it seems to make people “too mellow” and apathetic…especially over time… and NO kind of smoke is ever good for your lungs. BUT I do think it should be legal…because millions are spent fighting it, when we could tax it instead ! And the HEMP plant could help eliminate global warming…it’s related to weed…but less of the drug in it..and more fiber that can make clothes and feed livestock, and make paper etc… and the stupid government won’t let farmers grow hemp !! That’s stupid.

Answer #3

true Story. My uncle on my dads side died from lung cancer and brain damage. All he smoked was weed. I was only 9 when it happened so I faintly remember the whole story, but it is true.

Answer #4

Plus, there are plenty of other toxins that go into our lungs, take dust for example, or a smoky day or foggy day, you can get lung cancer anyways even if you never smoke.

Answer #5

All the people saying you can die from it, are you talking about smoking it though. Of course, smoking anything is bad for you, including ciggarettes. There are other ways to injest marijuana though and it’s completely healthy for you. You can vaporize it, you can get the thc out of it, and bake it in something also.

Answer #6

anything from the earth should be legal as long as its not like coke I think it’d be great if it were legal but I won’t smoke as long as its illegal

Answer #7


Caffiene impairs your judgement also, did you know that. I bet you drink caffiene and eat chocolate though right?

Alcohol impairs your judgement, yet you only have to be 21 years old, and that’s legal.

That is not a good enough argument my dear.

Answer #8

it’s bad for you, and…why do they even make the stuff? it just ruins people’s lives; I’ve seen it happen. it will jeopardize your future, and it messes up relationships. as for me, I stay away from that junk.

Answer #9

maybe not, but it can still affect your judgement. anything that does that IS a danger. that’s a fact; even if it IS made by nature.

Answer #10

its pretty bad for you, besides brain damage, it has 50-75% more carcinigins than cigs and it has somthing like 80% more THC in it than 40 years ago

Answer #11

Legalise it!

Answer #12

You always hear about Drunk drivers killing people. Have you ever heard about a high driver killing someone? I used to be against it..when I was little because my older sister did it and I thought drugs were bad blah blah. But now on the other hand, I do not think it’s bad at all. It is no where near as bad as hard drugs. and it grows naturally. It cannot kill you. sure you can get lung cancer but you can get that from smoking cigarettes too. I would way rather smoke weed than cigarettes. They have no point.

Answer #13

hahaha this is under home and garden

Answer #14

its a drug and SHOULD be aganist the law. just because something feels good it dosen’t mean you should do it.

Answer #15

I smoke! pretty much everyday. I looove me some week. lol.

Answer #16

wow. opie. got anymore stories???

Answer #17

haha I love when poeple who havent ever done it say its bad. wow

Answer #18

punkrocker4ever No body “makes the stuff” it’s a plant and grows naturally. It’s from nature and it CAN NOT kill you.

Answer #19

it sucks dude!!! DON’T DO IT! it can kill you!!! im sure you know that by now..

Answer #20

I love it. alcohol is way worse for you way. and a lot of people are like no weed is way worse nott really actulally and I can prove that

Answer #21

In my opinion - there is nothing wrong with marijuana. It’s one of the safest drugs there is. Alcohol and Caffiene are both drugs, and they do more harm than marijuana. You can’t overdose. You dont get on crazy anger rages from it. There is no come down to suffer from. It doesn’t impair your judgement enough to harm anything or to where you can’t function. The only argument people have for marijuana is when smoking it. It can be injested several other ways that are way healthier for you also. It should have been legalized a long time ago, but since out government would have a hard time taxing it, that wont happen.

Answer #22

ice or fire…IF someone does add OTHER drugs to it and you die then it would still be “the other drugs” fault. not the weed. please SOMEONE send me an article or something of someone who has ever overdosed on weed. and JUST weed. not weed that was laced with anything. because I can guarantee you that nobody has ever overdosed on weed.

Answer #23

first of all admc_loves_jpw_7 it CANNOT kill you. nobody has ever overdosed on weed. and second of all punkrocker4ever, you cant “make” weed. Its a plant, you GROW it. I wont lie, I dont think theres anything wrong with it. if you dont smoke it good for you…but dont give your opinion on something youve never even tried. because if you’ve never tried it your opinion on it doesnt really mean sh*t then, does it?

Answer #24

iceorfire Who have you seen die on it, please tell me. I get my information from research and also from drug abuse and addiction counslers. I promise I know more about it than you. It DOES NOT kill people, it’s impossible to overdose on marijuana.

Not everyone adds other drugs to it. This is where ignorance comes into play. If your buying from shady dealers that you dont trust - that’s your own fault. It’s a nature made plant and is not harmful.

Answer #25

you CAN NOT die from just smoking weed. if you lace it with other sh!t sure but not regular weed.

Answer #26

I agree :]

Answer #27

how many people here have accually done it?

Answer #28

My dad sexually abused me while he was smoking weed…

Answer #29

My parents smoke weed…ALL of the time. Yeah, you can overdose on it, and it can make your life shitty, especially if you have kids. I have strong aversions to it, and I hate that parents do it. If they didn’t? We would be able to afford what most people my age do. I would be able to go to the college I want, by going to the only nice school in town. I would be able to be maybe a little bit happier, but this is all just what it does to ME, and I do not do it. My parents were talking about quitting because it was too expensive, awful for your health, and they were getting really paranoid, feeling bad all of the time, and having night terrors. So…does that not sound like it can ruin lives?

Answer #30

Again, I’ve said it a million times. There are other ways to injest marijuana that does not involve smoking and filling your lungs with smoke. Of course a long period of time filling your lungs with smoke it going to affect you. That goes for ciggs as well though. You can vaporize or inject marijuana in food also, and it’s way healthier for you.

Answer #31

Funny thing, I dont even smoke. I did when I was younger, but I dont now. I still dont see anything wrong with it. The only reason why I don’t know is because the government is as* backwards and it’s illegal. I wont risk losing my son and everything I’ve worked for, to do it.

It should be legal though.

Answer #32

It CAN be bad for your health. If you smoke it. There are other ways to injest marijuana though, such as vaporizing or eatting it which are completely healthy. The only reason they think it’s bad is because they have been brainwashed by the government. Scientist have done TONS of research on marijuana and have found that it is NOT bad for you. Definatly not any worse than alcohol and caffeine, which are also DRUGS. They give it cancer patients and pregnant women with morning sickness in some places now, so why would it be bad for you.

Answer #33

Ok? Ummm . . mandyloo I have no idea where you get your information from, but yes it can kill you?! I’ve seen it happen. And it might grow on plants but people can make it worse by adding other drugs to it!

Answer #34

I persionally love it. just wanted to see what other people thought.

Answer #35

If weed is so bad then why do they give it out as perscriptions to people?? and it grows on the earth. so I like iit there is nothing rong with it. and if you have ever tried it and your saying its bad then maybe you shouldnt answer or give your opinion. sorry

Answer #36

my best friend… her cousin was chopped up into pieces… alive… when someone was high on weed. it was actually her boyfriend… someone who was in love with her.

so yeah think what you want to think

Answer #37

“my best friend… her cousin was chopped up into pieces… alive… when someone was high on weed. “

Yea Right. Your full oh sh*t

Answer #38

It’s amazing. but some people are no fun and won’t try anything new. It’s really your choice to do it or not.

Answer #39

iv been smokin it since i was 12 and im 14 in march and im fine i do alot of art and when im on the stuff it realy shows (in a good way) lol + there have been no recorded deaths on weed in history it grows out the ground its nature !!!!! okay so about 15% of people have a some bad times on it but the rest of the 85% usualy find it seems to make everything much better music, tv, reading, drawing/painting or just having a laugh with ur m8s oh yeah and another thing it makes people MUCH more friendly

thats my opinion judee66

Answer #40

No it does not kill it is a natural herb read in the bible Genesis 1:29

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