Where to have our wedding ceremony?

Okay, my husband and I got married almost a year and a half ago, civil, and none of my family came (his couldnt, as they are all in mexico), but we would really like to have a wedding ceremony (well, he doesn’t really care one way or the other, its more that I want one). The problem is that I don’t even know where to begin with the planning, as I do not know where, when or how many people will be attending, as I plan on only asking my immediate family, my dad, my brothers and sisters, and a few other people, but I do not know about his family. I mean, I know it will be in Mexico, just because it will be sooo much cheaper (the dress will probably be around $200, including alterations, and the flowers will probably be $0 .30/each, instead of the $1.50/each that the cheapest ones are here) Any advice is welcome. Also, it will not be until next year or late this year, as we are going to wait until our second baby is born to go there.

Answer #1

Write a list of the different things you need and want. Start by location (is it in an easy to access place, will it cost anything to rent, how will people get there and back, etc). You’ll want to reserve hotels in advance for your family. The best would be to go to Mexico before the marriage to choose the location yourself and check out the hotels as well as look around to make sure you’ll find the dress you want, the caterers you want and anything else for the price you can afford. You will also need to think about entertainment (band or singer) maybe your in-laws or husband could recommend someone. You will have to talk about how many people will show up with your husband (ex.: what is the custom in Mexico? who does he think will show up? are there any traditions that you should know about?) and I also suggest choosing an adequate translator (ex.:a good friend) in case of speeches or wedding vows. I also suggest getting there in advance to have time for last minute details before the wedding. Also try to find ways to include your family in the process as well as his (ex.: go shopping for the dress with your Mom and ask his Mom to over see the catering). Don’t get too stressed out afterall it’s suppose to be fun so remember to keep it as simple as possible but have enough food and drinks!!! Have fun :-)

Answer #2

it’s always good to choice the color and the location and how big you might want if first. thats where I’m starting and it’s easier for me.. that way I don’t have all these decorating plans, that way if I find a location after that and the decorations won’t work I won’t have to go through with more planning.

Answer #3

The only thing I can suggest is give yourself A LOT of time, because if not you will be really rushed and it wont turn out the way you wanted. Be sure to start nice and early also. Take your time, do a little bit of planning at a time. Thats about all I can say because I obviously don’t know what its like.

Answer #4

My friends did someting similar (got married in South Africa and two years later had a wedding celebration here in France for the guy’s friends and family). We went to that French celebration and it was great! They chose a small countryside chapel with a lot of character, and found a basic but very interesting hostel for an outdoor reception. None if it cost much, as the hostel was a former Monastary with lots of beauty but not many facilities - they didn’t need much. They hired outside caterers and a singer, and the reception was in the old cloisters. It was a very romantic and beautiful wedding, but didn’t cost too much - good combination! Have a lovely time, and best wishes to your growing family too!

Answer #5

yes have some time to plan you have been wanting this forever so make it how you have always dreamed of. one thing I hear is that planning is so stressful, for me it was a blast I got to choose what I wanted to do that is the best, try not to get stressed and a seceret from one bride to another, when the day comes it always seems to turn out perfect no matter what, so dont worry adn have fun with it:)

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