Who here wears pj's to school?

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my friend does she wears them with uggs in the winter

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Does boarding school count? :D Other than that - no :P

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No.. Because I Don't Have PJ's I Have Leopard Skin Print Night Gown

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Eh, only on Pajama Day.
I'm too self-conscious on any other day.

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same here lol

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i dont my mom would kill me lol :)

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I wouldn't wear actual PJs to class... but the other day I wore a top to bed then didn't want to take it off in the morning because it was nice and warm so I wore it to class hahahah. But it was an actual top.. not a PJ top lol.

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Umm, that's weird. No(:

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At my old school we had PJ Day once a year and donated a gold coin to charity but other than that we wear uniforms every day.

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All i can say is i wish. Think how much better school would be if nobody tried look good and we could all wear what we want, personally i would go in pj's and g bare foot.

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Not weird, fun. But I guess it depends on how you look at it:)

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My friend did it once and it was blast... But I guess it is a bit weird:/ More fun though:)

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I use to wear PJs to school all the time!!! I also had a blanket and 1/2 the time I didnt wear shoes. hen ppl copyed me an some had blankets as well. Where I live lots of people wore PJs to school. Some wore slippers too. I don't like shoes period tho. but I think all that is against the rules now days...

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at my school we have to dress in a certain manner.. if you have holes in your pants, cleavage shows, or anything shows, uhmm no spaghetti straps or tank tops.. or strapless.. no pajamas. or they will admit you to the office and give you a change of clothes themselves.

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dont hate! lol

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dont hate! lol

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Sounds like some mean teachers:/

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at my skool they have a day called pijama day and u wear wat are called pjs

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