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what are some ways I can masturbate I'm 13 umm house hold items would be nice where I could buy a toy if there is one that I can actually buy and I want some awnsera from boys and girls LOL don't ask me why but thanks

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I recommend for you the end of a brush it feels awsome if your a girl

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I'm assuming your a girl.. lol.. if you're a virgin and inexperienced with sex and are interested in masturbating I would reccomend you buy a toy and maybe read instructions on how to use it, go slow and get to know your body, I wouldn't try anything house hold that's not meant to be in that area, you could seriously end up hurting yourself and that would be no fun.. and either way you might break your heimen so be prepared for that.. you'll see blood.

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Ummm assuming your a girl definately buy a toy if you really need too, theyre much more hygenic than household items. Just what moddy said.

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