Why does my stomach feel so hard?

why does my stomach feel so hard

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my mother taught me young as well but im the type of person thats going to say what she want rather anybody else like it or not and I very well much respect my elders and I didnt snap back I just let her know that im not stupid and everybody did things in their life and if she or anybody else say different their hipocrits point blank

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do a pregnancy test. also see your doctor. hopefully, you’ve got some abs! and not pregnant!

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It depends what you’ve been up to =P

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I doubt you actually are a doctor with the spelling mistakes in that reply.

However, I am a family planning doctor in England. There are many reasons why your stomach feels hard, yes pregnancy is one of the reasons - however, it maybe because your period is due, it could be wind/gas, or you could even have something called IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) - which causes pain in the abdomen and also cause the stomach to swell and harden like a pregnant stomach. This can be brought on with stress and also foods that your body struggles to digest.

If you suspect you maybe pregnant, get a pregnancy test from the store - this will put your mind at rest immediately. Or if you feel it could be IBS why not go and see your own doctor - they can prescribe medication that will help relieve this problem and reduce the hardened feeling in your stomach.

Also, I would just like to add - a 15 year old girl has come on here asking for advice, not criticism and therefore should you not find anything positive to say to help the worry of a young girl, I feel it only right you do not comment at all! Whether she is pregnant or not, it is no one else’s right to tell her what she or her parents should be doing. Admittedly many young people do accidently fall pregnant these days, and it can be a sad time for them - but unfortunately that is the society we live in today.

Hope this helps ladym

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probably pregnant

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You know I am a firm beliver in respecting your elders .BUT… that only goes so far. its her life her choice and some of you should respet it. now days teenagers are having sex. but our elders were too. the way I look at it is I live in the real world people will live the way they want. and parents can only do so much. now our elders so you say we need to respect , but who are the elders we are talking about because most of the people over 55-60 got married and was having sex at 13 so I mean we fuss about teenagers doing it but there so called elders did it too great example huh. like I said her choice her life. now I dont know I was just wanting to see what people were posting I have the same issue too. BUT ITS MY LIFE !!

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your stomach could also feel hard because you are going to start your period soon because just before you get your period your stomach can become bloated,so dont just think its pregnancy because it might not be:)

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what if I had sex 3 weeks ago , and my stomach is hard under my fat ? what could that be ?

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I fully agree with dr ruben. She’s asking for advice, and if you don’t have anything good to say or to help her then do us all a favor and don’t write a comment at all sincities1angel. As for an answer to your question ladym, there is a possibily you are, however the best thing for you to do is see a doctor. You can even go to a clinic and get a free pregnancy test (this is your best option). I had my period and took a at home pregnancy test and it came out negative, however I still went to the doctor and found out that I’m pregnant (I’m 21). Good Luck

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brenda15 you are probably constipated. drink a lot of water, eat some oranges, or take some laxatives.

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why is my stomach so hard, and this might sound nasty but when I have the feeling to go to the bath, it seems like I would have to take a big one, but I dont I only take a lil one. can any one answer that??

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what is up with you kids im not that much older than you all are but I feel like I was born centuries before you all because you all are so disrespectful to yourselves and your elders ladym, sincities1angel was just sharing her opinion just like everyone else you didnt have to snap back at her no matter what she said first of all because she’s your elder second of all because you were the one asking for advice so she gave you her advice like you asked so just because you didnt like her advice or opinion doesnt mean you should talk stupid to your elder my mother taught me young, people are going to say what they want to say so let people talk as long as they dont touch.okay just some more advice not criticism.and good to hear you and your parents are fine : )!!

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I have a hard stomach too but I haven’t had sex but I do masterbate :/ And I’ve skipped 2 periods

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Why does everybody always assume it is pregnancy? 15 and having sex…are all of you kids stupid…don’t feed into what she thinks she wants…for all of you kids who are unconsciously wanting to get pregnant…there is such a thing as a hysterical pregnancy…it is where you have all the symptoms and even start to grow…but it is all in your HEAD…let yourselves grow up first…have you not been watching the news…it is way cooler to wait to have sex now a days…if you kids were mine I would lock you all up alone…for years…I really feel sorry for your parents…


The pic is not a pic of me, but of what you will look like…

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oh I forgot to add I have had sex I had it on like feb.18 but I got my period on the 25 and my stomach feels hard <3

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I have ibs. (Irritable bowel syndrome ) and I get this side affect although I am 19. Ans have lost 3 baby’s due to misscarriages…ibs is common and easy treatable with medication. …if your pregnant good luck Hun x

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You’ve got poop built up inside there. Even if you feel as if you’re cleaned out, you’re not.

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I really think that people need to grow up on here. Number 1 she might not be pregnant, and Number 2 if she is then you all need to stop with the nasty comments about teenage pregnancy. Its her life, not yours, she can do what she wants with it. And to be honest with all you “elders” out there, I am 18 and have been told by many adults that giving birth young was the norm in the 40s onwards. So before you critisize other people, mabye you should take a long hard look at your own life. And fyi respect for your elders is so overrated! Point: If I dont get respect from you, your sure as hell not getting it from me.

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why is her stomach hard???

to understand teens you have to be their frieds first and then when they see that you really care about them you can tell them what life is really like not snapping at them. compassion compassion

30 year old mother of a 13,11,9 kids do the math im my daughters best friend we talk about anything…

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Well I had my first son at 15, and my second at 18!!! I should know that it aint FUN it’s not CUTE!! Your little man will become interested in everything with a VAGINA!!

Girls grow up and get over it!!

Thank you and have a good life!

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hmmm …my stomach gets big one minute and the small the next time ..yy is that

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someone chooses a different path each day.. respect that.. if you all stopped preaching who’s way of life is better.. we wouldn’t have any conflict can everyone accept real life, which is to be alive and breed being a community made you fight about the ‘why’s how’s when’s and whats of how people should live you release chemicals into your brain when you have sex, the body prepares for birth, I.e. no sperm into egg = period fyi it could also a tumor

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first of all im not stupid and I dont think im pregnant for your info and thank god your not my parent because obviously your afraid of life if your talking about you would lock your kids all up grow up you act like you never did anything in your life we’re all human and you dont have to feel sorry for me or my parents because we’re just fine

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I think that you should go see a doctor just in case, or do a pregnacy test, I hope that the results are in your favour! :) good luck

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theres nothing wrong with teenage pregnancy. my mum was 17 when she had me and had to take care of two 2 year olds when she was 16. she has done an amazing job of raising me and my siblings. i know teenagers that are or have been pregnant and yes it isnt ideal, but they still make good parents.

im having that problem at the moment, my tummy has gone really hard, i think its jsut bloating, constipation and trapped wind tbh. nothing to worry about, try changing your diet.

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it is because you are constipated. The poop has built up inside your inestines so the only thing that can come out is small amounts of poop. When the poop builds up it dries out in there.. you need to drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber and it will probably hurt when it comes out… When you feel like you got to go take a book and a warm towel to put on your stomach it helps sooth the pain to not think about it and stay warm… That’s what happened to me.. Good Luck…

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Sincities1angel is on point!!!!

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