Whats happening to metal?

So damn… I was reading metal hammer magazine And I was looking in the gigs section Now metal hammer usually features good bands. Such as turisas, amon amarth, belphegor, in flames, opeth, anthrax, slayer etc etc And amongst them I saw my chemical romance, fall out boy, hawthorne heights, tokio hotel… Now how the f* is that metal?! Does anyone agree with me that my chemical romance, fall out boy, hawthorne heights, tokio hotel are clearly not metal? Im sick of everyone callin bands like that metal. Theyre some kind of stupid emo genre. Wats happening?!? It may as well be the same as that sh!tty kerrang! Magazine Gosh

Answer #1

ahhumm well this is MY question. so evidently you care enough to visit it more than once. tuche suckerr

Answer #2

I have to agree, this is STUPID. Why did you even go on with it? You could of just simply ignored whatever made you “mad”.

Answer #3

Both of you just need to end this… it’s so stupid. It doesn’t matter WHO started WHAT… END IT!

Answer #4

wait wait to the person im supposed to be fighiting with, stop leaving comments on here and gosh you know what I cant even be ar$ed anymore.

Answer #5

hahahahahahaha you 2 are hilarious. you know nothing about each other. and are fighting. just chill yo. oh, and I hate metal!!! hahaha peace suckas!

Answer #6

ilovemetal23 - they weren’t THAT mean… I’ve seen meaner. They probably just got a little offended by something. You should have been the better person and just left it go.

Answer #7

and how do YOU know? you don’t know how much I know. and I was not “abusive” to you. if you think that’s abusive you won’t be getting very far in life. learn to deal with negative comments. and I have to agree with annonomus here - couldn’t you have been the better person and just left it go? nah you’d rather cause trouble…

Answer #8

I happen to like Hawthorne Heights and Tokio Hotel… BUT I also agree, they are NOT metal lol I like metal too though

Answer #9

ok firstly to xx_the_a7x_parade_xx you dont know your music better than me and to annonomus he/she started it by being abusive to me theres no “just talking” with people like that

Answer #10

I don’t f*ckin care about what YOU think. Everybody likes different stuff…

Answer #11

people are selling out I think. my little bro loves metal (each to there own, he doesn’t like my music - but hey) but generally, if somethings ‘metal’ and I like it, then its a band that has commercially sold out.

my little bro loves download…and he was well p155ed of this year because’ there were so many commercialised bands…must be really annoying??

Answer #12

lol yeah very annoying! too many commercialised band in download I totally agree

Answer #13

ok look, ilovemetal23 and xx_the_a7x_parade_xx STOP FIGHTING! please?! Violence isn’t the answer! Stop yelling at eachother and being rude! BE FRIENDS! It’s no problem if someone visits your question more than once, and it’s ok if they say they like bands you don’t… and x_the_a7x_parade_xx DID agree with what you said. If someone got offended along the way… talk about it! Don’t fight… fighting isn’t how you handle things!!! Now discuss what caused you 2 to get mad and forget about it and be friends!

Answer #14

well I don’t care what you say about my answer. I have a right to answer it if I want to. In case your a complete idiot which I’m leaning towards I actually DID agree with you. I said while I may not mind those 2 bands, I do know they’re NOT metal. I know my music probably a hell of a lot better than you do. I don’t care if you like them or not, I have every right to if I want to so back off.

Answer #15

nick2011 - I know! They both need to just chill out! I mean complete strangers “fighting” over something like this?! lol

Answer #16

hawthorne heights and tokio hotel suck! but you know.. watever…my opinion and all that

Answer #17

mcr,tokio hotel,hawthorne heights e.t.c arent metal bands they go under the genre of emo!(which I love..lol..I luv metal 2 tho!)

Answer #18

yeah I know they’re not metal. thats my point…

Answer #19

that’s because what’s “in” now is bad music. and unfortunately good bands are “out”.

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