What are things to watch out for when buying a condo?

like i know you have to ask the real estate agent if he or she is licensed to sell this house.

Answer #1

ya allof them are licensed to sell the house lol thats a part of their job

Answer #2

Well the first thing that you should take into consideration is the quality and price. Also take note about the materials used, and if it could stand the changing weather and all sorts of stuff similar to these. After you have decided on buying one, you might want to get it insured. There are plenty of insurance companies out there to help you. You can visit http://funadvice.com/r/bjkou4o2itr for a complete list of insurance companies

Answer #3

Before you buy, you should go there at 11 pm saturday night. Listen to whether you hear drunk neighbors on the street, or couples fighting, whether there’s a bar or discotheque nearby and what general impression you have about the neighborhood. You probably don’t want to live where drunken, bawling idiots roam the streets at night. Also watch out for parked cars that look like someone tried to crack them open with a screwdriver or similar tool. You don’t want to live in a neighborhood where they crack your car.

Then, inside the condo, when viewing, it’s best to take a friend or relative who does not want to buy your condo as an independent advisor. He or she will be less enthusiastic than you and may pay attention to details that you don’t see.

You should look at …

  • soundscape: Do you hear the neighbors in the condo above, next door and below? If so, which noises do you hear? Voices and foot steps? Toilet flush? That’s bad. Hardly anything or only occasional noises like someone moving furniture? That’s good.

  • the windows: Do they have double (or even triple) glass or just single? Single will be damn cold in wintertime, means you have to pay more for heating. It’s also louder inside if they have single glass.

  • heating. What sort of heating is in the house? Gas, Oil, electric? How expensive will it be?

  • electricity: Are there enough power plugs for your use? (Count all your electric devices that are usually plugged permanently, like fridge, microwave, coffee machine, water boiler, TV, Radio, CD deck. count the plugs. You should have one or two free plugs in each room for vacuum cleaner, charging devices and at least 3 free plugs in the kitchen.) Then go to the box where the cutouts are and note down what and how many cutouts it has. Ask someone who knows about electricity to tell you whether this installation is sufficient.

  • the water installations: Are they good quality? Or do they drip? How calcareous is the water? If there is lime accumulated on the water installations, note that you will a water softening agent additional to washing agents in order not to ruin your washing machine and dish-washing machine.

  • tubes: are any tubes that you see rusty? Are there wet spots on the wall? Bad.

  • mold: If any of the walls are moldy, that may cause severe damage to your health. Never move into a moldy condo. (look for mold in the corners, behind furniture that is close to the outer walls, behind draperies and in the window alcoves)

  • architecture: 100 square yards is not equal to 100 square yards. If your condo is well designed, you can live on 100 square yards with an entire family. If it is badly designed, a couple will not have enough space. Well… just consider what furniture you own and what you want to buy. And make sure everything goes in there without a problem.

Answer #4

You can, of coursa also buy a condo which you will have to renovate. But then it should be cheap anough so that you can afford renovating.

Answer #5

ok thanks

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