Should I buy a PS3 or XBOX360?

my dad has agreed to buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360 wich 1 shud I buy tell fast

Answer #1

u should get a ps3 well its free enternet and as I said you dont have to pay

Answer #2

I don’t know either. I think a ps3 because its really cool and has a lot of fun games but that’s just me .

Answer #3

ps3 all the way because you get to download demos and you get listen to music and vids and pics and a whole bunch of stuf

Answer #4

75% of xbox360’s have gotten the red ring of death and the ps3 or 10% breaek if you and the graphics on the ps3 is better also the space it holds so ps3 hands down

Answer #5

XBox 360 definitely.

Answer #6

I believe the 360, I played both… I like the game selection and game play better on it! the only problem is the overheating, but that only happens when people dont take care of it! but thats just my opinion! my friends believe the same thing!

Answer #7

im also buyin a X BOX 360…n seriously according 2 me X box is gud but it really depends on u…like most of the games are same …but like if you really like ifamous(which is a ps3 exclusive)…u shld go 4 ps3 …b.ut there are lots of x box exclusives also…if you are buyin x box then go 4 x box elite…

Answer #8

I think ps3 you have the same options like the ps3 except that on a ps3 you dont have to pay cards to get online so ps3 is way better

Answer #9

XBOX 360 definitly can you guys answer MY QUESTIONS

Answer #10

A xbox 360

Answer #11

xbox 360 and play Gears Of War

Answer #12

I think you should get a ps3. but if you want to meet a lot of people online then get 360. I like ps3 :)

Answer #13

they’re both the same but you should probably get the XBOX360 b-because you could get in trouble at school with the ps3

Answer #14

online for ps3 is FREE you pay for 360 I have both

Answer #15

I meant it has the same options as the 360

Answer #16

srry …tats INFAMOUS

Answer #17

I currently own all 3 consoles and my personal opinion is, it mainly depends where your friends are, online gaming is an co op experience which is heightened by your friends, so I recommend you choose the console which most of your friends own. Having said this if for some reason you have no friends or don’t plan to connect to the internet and play online, then I suggest Xbox for gaming especially online as its generally smoother and better experience and much easier to use with better connection but this will cost you Xbox Live membership. In terms of multimedia the PS3 wins hands down a much better music + Video Player and the inclusion Blue Ray and ability to surf the internet really makes it the ultimate multimedia experience even if the gaming suffers. So to sum up Xbox = Gaming PS3 = Multimedia Wii = Casual Gaming But ultimately choose the console with your freinds

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