What do you want in a metal song?

what do you alternative metal lovers want in a song
im asking couse my band wants to write a song everyone like

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some with a good and different beat so people can rock out to it in their own way don't do love story there boring and plus too many of them about good luck song writing

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It can be about anything mate, it needs rapid riffs and powerful drums.

See Raining Blood by Slayer or Love by Gojiri for some powerful sh1t that'll make you drive fast and every fight, lol.

But subject wise, a lot of metalheads are anti religous, so call God a Fagg0t, Jesus a bastard child and Mary a sperm loving slut, and people will love it, I know I would, lol

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Gotta do it up like Killswitch Engage: powerful words about failed relationships, wrapped into melodic riffs and some nice drums. Either that or go BR00TAL and just use growls and high screams laced with violent lyrics.

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alright thank you this song is gonna be insane

rock metal 90s song does anyoneknow

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true thx
well I just ended a rapid song by I cant think of lyrics=P haha

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so basicly a creepy love story

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Something about love but in a twisted but good way,making it different from EVERY love song out there.

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