What are the signs of pregnancy after 3 weeks??

am missing my period and having little brown discharge..I didnt have sexual intercourse but unfortunately one night my boy friend fingered me???
is that missing period a sign of pregnancy??? if so I want to go for herbal abortion by consuming vit c..
I cant go for doctor and I want it to be done at my home itself... can you please suggest...

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fingering can't get you pregnant...there is no possible way, because he's not sticking his stuff up there, just his finger. you're not pregnant

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uhm, if you only got fingured you cant possibly be pregnant. you have to actually have sex. haha.
so dont worryyy, yer period is probably just latee.

Sharp pains in stomach a sign of pregnancy?
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Woah woah woah.
Right you can get pregnant by fingering - it's unlikely and there has to be pretty fresh sperm on his fingers.
So stop worrying I'd bet you are not pregnant.
And 3 weeks? There isn't a way to tell until you actually miss your period - which you will anyway if you are worrying like this.
So if you do miss your period take a home pregnancy test.
And thirdly - omg you can't take an overdose of vitamin C - it can kill you aswell you know. Chances are if it can kill the baby it will kill you. because more of the nutrients stay in you than go to the baby.
So stop worrying, or harming yourself. And don't let your boyfriend finger you if you are so worried. And secondly make sure his hands are clean and he doesn't touch his penis.
Good luck.

could i start having like stomache pains from pregnancy the day aftter i had sex?

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