What are good ds games for girls?

Ok so I have a eleven year old sister and want to give her a game for her ds. Shes obsessed with it. Does anyoe no any good games for girls other than sims?(she already has all the sims.

Answer #1

well.. im a girl and I have my secret world by imagine and all the imagine games you can have is brain training or to shop go to HMV or WHsmith and were she got the DS or if you have enough money get her a nintendo Dsi

Answer #2

I like all the Imagine games but they end very quikly. Animal crossing is good also. The best game I have ever played is Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry. I’m a girl by the way.

Answer #3

I’m 11 this year, too and I really like Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop since it’s really cute. That is, if your sister’s into cute stuff and such. But if your sister is really into designing and stuff like that, I recommend Barbie Fashion Show Eye For Style (if she likes Barbie :D ). But I think Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop is great too, because it consists of things like music, designing jewellery, make-up, baking cakes and more!

Answer #4

Well that is really going to depend on what she likes. I’m a guy, but I really like the old nintendo games. So any of those remakes. I have always heard good things about the zelda series (and enjoyed it myself). If she likes rpgs have her try the old final fantasy games that were ramade for DS. Graphics are updated and everything.

Those are just games I enjoyed, but I recommend trying to find a used game shop and seeing if they will let her try a game or two. Renting them, if you can find a place that rents DS games would be a good idea too. Much cheaper than buying and if she likes it, you can buy the game later.

Answer #5

I am a 12 year old girl and I think that Animal Crossing wild world is SO COOL! You have your own village and a house that you can upgrade and stuff and it has wifi so you can go see other peoples towns across the world! I Also love Mariokart, good for any gender really and scribblenauts is cool :D

Answer #6

imagine games are fun adn im 14 thats REALLY sad I know but thats how it is, umm I found animan crossing really fun when I got it and DRAWN TO LIFE IS AWESOME its really good and if she likes spongebob than get thet spongebob version they are grerat and suit boys and girls :)

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Answer #8

SUPER PRINCESS PEACH!!! its basically a girl version of new super mario bros

Answer #9

Nintendogs and build a bear workshop

Answer #10

Animal Crossing My Sims Mario Party DS The Imagine Games Cooking Mama 1 and 2 Gardening Mama

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