How to wash white people cornrows???

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If you have cornrows, no matter what race you are, you are not supposed to wash your hair until you have taken the cornrows out.
Which is why I don't put my hair in cornrows or dreads, I think it's disgusting to not wash your hair.

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I just washed my hair like I normally do. Shampoo it, thats all. Depending on where and how you got it done, when it comes out, it'll be really greasy. So when theyre out, be sure to wash your hair really really well.

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My hair is straight, and smooth and its not all in corn rows. I have a mohawk on top. Im worried if I try washing it, it won't stay well since my hair is so straight

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Try using dry shampoo, it will be easier to use and it wont cause frizz or problems with the cornrows. You can wash them with shampoo and water like normal, however, your just cleaning the surface and not getting a deep clean in your hair. If you choose to wash with water and shampoo take your time and make sure your not messing them up. Youll most likely have to use gel or hairspray when they dry to ease the frizz that washing will cause also.

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well babe all i can say is really you're not supposed to wash em unless u are about to take em out
and for angelee
black people don't wash their hair everyday like white people do if u didn't knw that u knw now the reason is bc well first of all black people hair is not like white people's hair ya'll hair is made to stay technically "cleaned"
if we wash our hair everyday like white people it would dry up and break off and plus we have to either keep hair grease in it or moisturizer in it so it don't get dry and break off
the average black person don't wash their hair until 2 weeks or more has passed from the last time they're washed it

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You wash your hair with dreads...

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Actually , excessive shampooing causes dandruff :) Just saying. Now that's disgusting!

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Their actually cleaner than us and have really nice skin. Which is soft, smooth & silky. I've noticed white people wash their hair every frikken. So much for education.. It even says on the back of the Shampoo bottles to avoid excessive shampooing. Its funny how people go out to buy hair treatment not only knowing their killing their own hair. If you want shiny hair, try a home remedy of shredded coconut boiled in hot water to release the oil & put it in your hair for a bit :)

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Wrong, You wash your hair every 10 days, using shampoo, let the shampoo run through the scalp and down to the braids.

when not washing your hair let water run through the braids, and apply oil to them, (you can get hair oil at most beauty stores. )

people have come to think that washing your hair everyday is good. But in truth it dries out hair and makes it weaker.
People for thousands of years used oil for their hair. There is nothing bad about it.
(this applies to any race,)

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