Can you wash a duvet in the washing machine?

Cuz mine is sort of gross at the moment and it definitely needs to be washed but if it needs to be hand washed I'm just gonna throw it out >.>

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i think you can but it might take a few years to dry XD


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Yes you can, put it on gentle wash or delicates though and i would let it air dry...the dryer is what does most of the damage to things.

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Thanks ^.^ how long do you think it'll take to dry?

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Yes you can and if you hang it up early to dry it takes about a day (obviously depending on how thick it is). Ours gets washed regularly in the washing machine.

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cheaper and quicker to get it dry cleaned. i get mine done once a year and it only costs me 20 quid. around $31 in mr connor cash.

but yes you can stick a duzet in a washing machine and itll take a few days to dry out side on a sunny day. give it a good ring out and that will release most of the water and maybe speed up the drying by around an hour.

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