Wanting to be pregnant ?

Okay, I’m am 15 years old and have already been pregnant. I had lost the baby at 6 weeks due to softball.

Ever since I had lost the baby, I have been wondering what it would of really been like if I would of had the baby. Teens I have talked to, and even my boyfriend’s sister who had her first child at 15 and now is 23 are perfectly happy with their child, and their choice to keep it. I know if I ever had a child it would be well taken care of and have a happy life. My aunt and uncle who have custody of me, have some money and take good care of me. So isn’t of them blowing money on me on stuff that I don’t even need, it could be stuff for what the baby needed and I wouldn’t need any new clothes or anything. I have enough, the baby would have everything it needed between my family, boyfriend’s friends and family, the state and also me working. I would be willing to take online classes for as long as I needed after I had the child AND give up softball.

Now I’m not going to go to my boyfriend and say ‘Hey, I want to get pregnant again, let’s try.’

I’m just saying, if it ever happened while me being a teenager, from 15 through 19. Do you think It would have a happy life, and be well taken care of? It shouldn’t happen anytime soon due to me being on birth control, and using protection, but neither are always 100%.

message me if you’d like (:

Answer #1

Sadielynn1447 did not lose her baby while playing softball. Sadielynn1447 had an abortion and now that she regrets doing so she wants to get pregnant again. Read it in her OWN words here: http://www.funadvice.com/q/abortion_is_sick_cruel . On July 29, 2008 she wrote that she was scheduled for an abortion in 2 days. Then shortly after she comes on this thread and writes “I had lost the baby at 6 weeks due to softball.”

She is only 15 and is not mature enough to be doing this. Babys should not be disposable like 15-year-old sadielynn thinks.

Answer #2

babybump - no problem ! :) I’m only curious of what others peoples thoughts are on this. they automatically assume I’m wanting to get pregnant RIGHT NOW, I guess they don’t understand anytime in my teen years. And I wouldn’t necessarily rely on my guardians my whole life, and the babies whole life either, thats about dumb. they’re so many different ways of getting money, and getting through school, and graduating early. And there’s places to go for little jobs.

[the cool, & sillist1s ] And the softball thing - I didn’t know I was pregnant until I went to the doctor for bad stomach pains, and bleeding. ??? Come on, ! And I’m far from being spoiled, and bratty. It’s basically helping me out, and having a supoprt system there for me.

Answer #3

‘thecool’ you are out of order =|. She was 6weeks NOT 9months! Do you know how small a fetus is at 6weeks!? Its like the size of a nut, consider that deep inside you surrounded by water (amniotic fluid) to protect the baby. Do you think your helping, she lost her child and it wasnt her own fault, I danced up until I was 5months pregnant and regularly got checked up by the doctor and I was perfectly fine, Paula Radcliffe ran until she was 6months, I guess shes an idiot too right? I agree happiness doesnt mean the mother doesnt struggle I do sometimes but with the right support you will get by, I devide my money into baby things and food and bills whatevers left goes on busfair BUT its enough! The average cost of a child until its 18 IS really expensive and I dont dissagree but you dont exactly get a bill as soon as you have delieverd your child for £200grand do you? That 200grand is spread over 18 years! Which over the 18years she will have a job and a career. If she was 30 and wanted a child you would say yeah go right ahead!.. but that 30year old would still have to have a job which is exactly what she can do, if that 30 year old was on benefits would you still say dont have one? I dont think you would, your assuming she wont provide for her child becuase shes young.

Answer #4

I know how you feel, they just automatically assume sadielynn. thats one of the downers of being on here, they criticise and assume not knowing you will and would actually manage and get by and would actually be a great mum! Not being big headed but I think im a great mum my son gets everything he wants, im at college, got a part time job and spend every spare minute with my son! if you did fall pregnant you would be a great mum if you try, you have to work by the saying ‘ if at first you dont succeed try and try again’’ when your a parent!. :)

Answer #5

… You wouldn’t need any new clothes or anything? What are you talking about? While you ARE pregnant you’re going to need a whole new wardrobe pretty much, and at some point in your life, yes you will need new clothes.

Think of softball as the SMALLEST sacrifice you will be making when having a child. You are only 15, I really don’t think you have any idea. I’m sure you will disagree but just hear me out.

First of all, you can NOT rely on your aunt and uncle to pay for everything. You’re still a child yourself, what the hell are you doing trying to have one of your own? You haven’t been through college, you won’t be able to make enough money to take care of a child no matter what job you try to get at 15, it just won’t cut it. If you want to have a baby, then that’s fantastic and I hope that your boyfriend is still with you through this child’s development… cause honestly, I don’t know a SINGLE 15 year old BOY who wants to be a daddy and basically be married already to help raise a child, when he himself has not learned much about the real world.

Not only will you be sacrificing softball, but what about YOUR education?

You are foolish and selfish for having a child at 15 if that’s what you’re really leaning towards. Why don’t you spend time with other people who have small kids? Wait til you’re through college and can support YOURSELF before you try to support another human life.

Answer #6

I’m not saying I necessarily want it NOW, I’m just saying if I’m in my teen years at all. I know I can’t rely on my aunt and uncle all the time either, I know that. I could work with my neighbor, I have before and she pays good money. But boyfriend has already helped me out a lot and has been there for me since the first day I became pregnant the first time, til I went to the doc and found out I lost it. And he would stay with me also. We’ve already talked about everything, just to be safe. And we’ve been together for awhile as it is. I said I’d do online schooling which is really good according to my friend who says she does a lot better online than in actual class. Sacrficing spending time with my friends wouldn’t be a big deal, I don’t see them much anyway. And sacrificing them, would be my problem since I’d have a child. My boyfriend, his sister and I all know a lot about children and newborns. I help take care of his sister’s 2 month old daughter a lot. I find joy in it. And not all guys are the same either, he wouldn’t just necessarily walk out. Okay. College could also be a problem, but if I had it at 15, or 16, or 17. But by the time I’d be ready for college the child would be in his/her toddler years ready for daycare or even preschool. I could take online classes also. It would probably be hard, but having a support system helps too. I don’t think it’s necessarily ‘immature’ either, just kinda wondering. I wouldn’t get pregnant on purpose. But still thanks on your guys opinions. Could use more too (:

Answer #7

Gosshh look at my essay I get carried away lol ,, Sorry SadieLynn haha I took over your page a little :)

Answer #8

your still too young, just wait till your older (:

Answer #9

Yes you could make it have a happy life and be well taken care of, I do with my son, when you have a child they are your main priority and NOTHING will ever stand in your way of making sure your baby has all its needs catered too! Dont have one yet though chick, If you fall pregnant by all means keep it if thats what you would like to do. But dont plan a child yet

Answer #10

In my opinion it’s kinda dumb for anyone that age to want a baby. I mean, you’ll hardly ever get to be a teenager. Plus, even though you think you’d be taken care of, what would happen if things changed? Plus, it is kinda lame when people think that their family will give them money and whatnot to take care of them and THEIR child…that reminds me of some kid that’s spoiled and bratty.
Don’t have a child now, even though you think everything would be fine. Very immature. Live your life, save up money, and then see what happens. You don’t need to rely on other people (take it from me, in the end the only person you can rely on is yourself). You’re 15!! Atleast wait a little bit longer. Like when your 18 or something.

Answer #11

What idiot gets pregnant and plays softball anyway? The only reasons which aren’t good reasons to begin with is if you didn’t know you were pregnant..or you wanted to kill the baby. You definitely shouldn’t have a baby. Happiness does not mean you aren’t struggling, either. Want to know the average cost of a child from birth until 18? 200 grand. Do you, or anyone else in your family have the income to pay HALF that while taking care of their own family? If you don’t, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a baby, at least, that’s me saying that if you aren’t a teenager. If you’re a teenager and your family gives you money for your child, then..that’s a poor way of giving discipline. Anyway, have fun recollecting your thoughts.

Answer #12

look’s like you’ve thought it out- but still incredibly immature. DO NOT, have a baby right now. so you can support it, and want to keep it- but your still a child yourself. you dont know how to take care of a little baby. would your boyfriend stay with you? what if your baby was born with a problem? and it took a lot of extra money to take care of it’s disablility? what then?

are you ready to give up being with friends? ready to give up your freedom ? ready to be responsible for another human being?

Answer #13

:) Thanks chick and you will be one day :) x

Answer #14

Thank you, very true. very true (:

You seem like a great mom!!

Answer #15

Thank you babybump (:

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