Does wal mart have postcards?

If so, where are they? I didn't really look hard last time and I don't want to drive all the way over there if they're not there lol

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There may be some in the little tourist area. We have a small section in ours with some Oklahoma souvenirs, and on the rack are some post cards. Most Wal-Marts will at least have that little rack somewhere near the front. Other than that, check cards or stationary...OR, crazy idea, call them :)

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Yes they usually have them in the front of the store by guest services, theres usually a rack where they have shot glasses and magnets and postcards and other souveneirs from that state.

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That's what I was talkign about too :) Just to clarify...haha

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Oh, we don't believe in telephones, my family and I... I've never used one before. ;P haha thanks

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