VP Debate

Who do you think won tonight’s debate?

Answer #1

Palin once again proved to be a great choice, Strong, competent, very intelligent, woman with solid core values - will make a Great VP !! - stood up for people’s values not big government ‘more of the same’ - she smoked Biden !!

Answer #2

joe biden never looks at both sides of the story. that’s how democrats are as well as liberals. and our news is extremely liberal too,, and cnn is apoctolyptic. just like propoganda in the prior years. what was that used for.? to show only the NEGATIVE in things; never the good. the news never says “we are winning in iraq” it’s always about death tolls..soldiers dead..trying to convince people that war is wrong by interviewing a crying spouse of a dead soldier. yah, well what about the POSITIVE.?

&and there is only one man that will give that to us: Rush Limbaugh [:

being unbiased would be saying: Although John McCain has done some inaccurate things, one day people are going to look back and say “This was the noblest American of them all. All the conspirators, save only he. Did that they did in envy of great George. He only, in general honest thought and Common good to all, made one of them. his life was gentle and the elemt so mix’d in him that nature night stand up and say to all the World, ‘This was a man.’” C: rockkk da fuuuhhh onnn [:

Answer #3

hahaahahah ty you crack me up.

Answer #4

I’m not going to rate someone I’m arguing with, I just wanted to point that out.

And uhm yeah exactly what was the metaphor here?

Answer #5

I was using shoplifter in the figurative term; don’t jump to conclusions.

and hahah ty, I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out. thank you [:

Answer #6

I rated it!

Please tell me about the next “ruler” of america. And I am waiting for an answer on Biden shoplifting. You put it out there, prove it.

Answer #7

anti bush is no longer anti republican, and that was the point I was making (even McCain is distancing himself from Bush). And making a statement does not imply caring… I was simply making a point…

oh and no I didnt rate your answer as unhelpful… just incase you were wondering

Answer #8

if you really didn’t care you wouldn’t give me your anti-bush and anti-republican argument and suggest conversion. because as I distinctly remember you were talking to me.

Answer #9

“on who they want to rule the u.s”

lol “rule”. I guess that sums up sexualettiquite and her deep understanding of U.S. politics.

Answer #10

lol captain.

uhm again I ask, any one else having an issue understanding what I said…

and when I said you, I was talking to you sexualettiquite, no one else was praising Bush and therefore no one else was on his “bandwagon”

Answer #11

If you understood it was sarcasm, then you wouldn’t need to ask which side she is on.

Answer #12

ty: I’m confused. whose side are you on.? and I think that if you’re going to make an indirect liberal opinion, you should at least make it clear who you’re for instead of using pronouns like ‘his’ and ‘you’. we’re not mind readers you know.

Answer #13

sarcasm - look it up… (any one else have a problem understanding it?)

Answer #14

joe biden never looks at both sides of the story. that’s how democrats are as well as liberals.

This coming from a person who thinks that horses levitate, and that wasps don’t sting…

Answer #15

True. It is like arguing with a brick. I should learn to check the ages before responding. You just never know because so many “adults” make the same ridiculous arguments.

Answer #16

probably shouldn’t waste your time arguing with someone who can not vote yet

Answer #17

“she’s not biased like Joe Biden is…”

what exactly does that mean?

And Biden is a shoplifter? When and where did that happen? You aren’t spreading false rumors, are you?

Answer #18

Palin. god damn that woman is amazing she is a stronq woman that cares about america’s immense chunk of the population which includes middle class. her closing statement gave me goosebumps. plus, she’s not BIASED like Joe Biden is. note, that Joe Biden was ALSO a shoplifter…

Answer #19

Someday, some way, people displaying the kind of stupidity like sexualettiquite has graced us with today will be tied down with rubber hoses by men in black masks and be forcefully and painfully sterilized. We do not need any more concentrated moron in our gene pool.

Here’s a helpful tip: if you are ever in a position where you find it necessary to point out to an audience that you aren’t stupid, you’re wrong.

Answer #20

amblessed, were you watching the same debate as the rest of us? Or do you have some kind of consertaive media “filter” installed in your TV?

Regardless of her position on the issues, anyone can see she did not have a great performance. She had an adequate performance to appease the base, and quell the the call from many conservatives to remove her from the ticket. Biden stayed on point, answered most of the questions asked, and responded to Palin with respectful opposition. On the other hand she was weak on substance and came accross to most people as arrogant and condescending. She tried to use her “folksy” style and rehearsed rhetoric to hide the fact that she really is in way over her head. It obviously fooled some people, but not most.

Answer #21

you can’t just type to someone to ‘jump off the bandwagon’ because everyone has their own personal establishment on who they want to rule the u.s and you can’t FORCE anyone to change their mind. there’s a reason why they chose who they chose and who are you to try and convert someone. isn’t that where the whole concept of “jumping off the bandwagon” derived from you.? because say I did; that would make me become a democrat. that was your intention wasn’t it. whether you were speaking hypothetically or not.

Answer #22

Palin wasn’t going to be shoved around by the moderator…so good for her…Biden (engaging tho he is), makes me think “successful car salesman”…

What’s this crap about him being a shoplifter…I don’t even believe that! :)

Palin did good…Biden has been on that stage before…it was her first time…Biden has been bullsh**ing people for 35 years…Palin’s new at it…They all “make stuff up”, and you’re naive if you believe 1/2 of what you’re hearing.

Answer #23

ty I think the sarcasm is lost on this one.

Palin saved her job tonight. She made no major mistakes, and appeared very confident. She had no “deer in the headlights” moments like she did in the couric and gibson interviews.

But she clearly lost the debate on style and substance. She was evasive, arrogant, and condenscending. She didn’t answer most of the questions asked of her. She was well trained, and stuck to her well-practiced answers… even if the question was never asked. Biden was specific and factual, she was rhetorical and inaccurate.

Answer #24

yeah, I know it was sarcasm I’m not stupid. I did not ask what kind of rhetoric you were using,, I asked whose side were you on: biden.? any teacher or professor could clearly state that if you are trying to make an argument don’t just ASSUME people know who you’re talking about with pronouns. pronouns are mainly used so the proper noun doesn’t have to be used repititiously… and saying ‘you’ doesn’t help your argument much either. because, other than me, there are five others who have responded.

Answer #25

How dare the liberals look at the war as something tragic! damn it, who cares about the thousands of soldiers who died, the thousands of Iraqis who died, the millions who are homeless, a land that is in complete chaos, a world economy that is in shambles, you damn liberals, cant you see the bright side of this? atleast osama isnt out there killing people… uhm no wait he is free and in pakistan, well atleast Saddam isnt starting a nuclear war, uhm no wait, there were no WMDs in Iraq… Well maybe we should bomb Iran anyways, afterall spending millions of dollars trying to keep peace in Iraq worked so well!

sorry, did I miss something? even Bush’s staff isnt on his side anymore, maybe you should jump off the bandwagon…

Answer #26


Answer #27

I thought both did a good job. It did not change my mind about the McCain/Palin ticket. I am an Obama/Biden supporter.
I was a little bothered by the “down home” manner in which Palin spoke. I tend to like more of an intellectual approach, such as Biden delivered. What did you think?

Answer #28

As a disinterested party, I thought Biden won hands down.

Answer #29

lol captain

Answer #30

…don’t confuse her with the ‘oxy’ part…

Answer #31

hmm deafening silence…

(that’s what we call an oxymoron…)

Answer #32

wait, make her look up the big words. No one respond. Let’s see if she can come up with an answer.

Answer #33

…figurative HOW?

Answer #34

I’m not stupid

cough horses and wasps cough

Answer #35

just kidding. I didnt see it. And I dont give a crap about who the VP is

Answer #36

Again, what about Biden? Are you spreading false rumors?

Answer #37

I didnt come up with the “concept”, it’s a “saying” (try the dictionary)

and I honestly dont care what you are…

Answer #38


Answer #39

captain, we’ve already established she doesnt understand sarcasm…

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