Is it possible to go from an ok voice to an outstanding voice? love to sing and im picking up on the guitar..i know two songs all the way through and learned them in less than a week..actually just like two days..well my voice isn't the best..i mean im ok.sometimes i sound "flat" like..and i look people up on youtube..and they have such outstanding i was wondering if it is possible for my voice to becom like gonna use this for an example: my voice is somewhat like alison kraus..but flatter..and i want a miley cyrus voice or somewhere in yeah..does anything think it can change like that? or am i stuck with this voice?

oh yeah..and when i record myself on webcam...i sound way way different than i do just hearing myself..does a webcam make a difference in your voice?

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If you have an ok basic voice it is possible to get better, you should look in the phonebook or online for local vocal coaches. Theres alot more to singing to than just opening your mouth and making noise, they can teach your proper breathing, how to open your throat and vocal cords properly and hit certain notes.

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so you think if i do take the lessons, my voice can get like 3 times better? i dont want to waste money of it if they wont help. know what i mean?

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