Visbale Tattoos

What does everyone think of visable tattoos? Do you really think someone should be seen as unproffessional for their body art?

I have 2 tattoos that can not be hidden - they are on my hands. The rest I can easily cover up with clothes. I knew before I even got them - that in my small conservative town I would have a hard time finding a job that would allow them. Luckily, I’ve never worked at a super-conservative place and had to deal with them not hiring me because of my tattoos.

Answer #1

My sister in law owns a place and she doesn’t hire people with tattoos

Answer #2

I love tattoos.I have 3 of my own.and plan to get more.I dont think people should be judged by their body art.its their own body.I would only think that it would look unprofessional if the tattoos were on their face.that is the only place I dont like tattoos at.

Answer #3

I don’t personally have a problem against tatoos, but it does look unprofessional in certain jobs and circumstances. e.g the area I’ll be working in, men aren’t even allowed to have long hair in some places.

Also because of the variety of clients that you get in a business it is risky to have visible tattoos, it might create a certain impression to them and you could lose the business.

So I’d say no visible tattoos. I love tattoos as a form or art and expression, but you should be able to cover them up when going to work.

Answer #4

I love tattoos. I have three, two are hidden and one is not. I get judged by it but oh well, I did it bc it’s my body noone elses. I think it’s crazy how harse people can be somtimes. Good luck on getting a job where you feel comfortable!!

Answer #5

What does everyone think of visable tattoos? I think there fine, as long as little kids and teenagers arnt getting them without knowing these consequeces beforehand, ist fine. its just another form of body art and self-expression Do you really think someone should be seen as unproffessional for their body art? no, looks shouldnt make anything harder, especially if its tattoos, there are thousands of jobs that COULD aloow them if they all just stoped being simple minded and judgemental thenagain though, theres a lot of people, aka customers who dont want to see people with tattoos serving them this problem isnt going to go away, because everyones entitled to there opinion but most jobs should allow them because they dont interfear at all with work, which is what your there to do in the first place

Answer #6

I think it’s stupid, because a person can have their child’s face tattooed on them, and employers still see it as inappropriate. I think it should matter what it is… like if a guy has a naked chick on his arm or something… I think when some people see a person with tattoos, they automatically think things about them.

Answer #7

I suppose it’s because tattoos are still linked to big bikers and rockers. People think you are going to carry a persona just because you have a tattoo which is totally stupid. I admit certain tattoos can look trashy- Amy Winehouse for instance. yes, it’s her body and she loves them but to me they do not look very nice and if someone showed up to a job interview showing them I understand why they would say no. But a couple of tattoos should not matter.

Answer #8

I find no problem with visible tattoos. I think it is a form of self expression, art if you will. The only thing I would find unprofessional, is if you have TONS of showy tattoos all over you. That is sort of unprofessional, but the main problem is that it is distracting. Of course it is all fine and dandy if you are working at a piercing/tattoo shop, hot topic, or a place such as those. However if you work in an office as the desk clerk, then people will get the wrong idea about the business. If they are looking for a lawyer to get a settlement check, and some one who is covered in tattoos from head to toe is the first person they meet, they would be apprehensive.

Answer #9

I actually agree with you underwaterophelia.

I think that if you are getting a visable tattoo you should definatly remember that getting a job will be hard - especially if you want a professional job in the end. It’s not something you should do if you plan on working in a professional environment.

Like I said, I have 2 on the tops of my hands, I’ve had them for years. I’ve never worked in that Office type job, becaue I can’t stand them. I’m a stay at home mom right now so it’s not a problem, I plan on going back to work just for fun later this year - but even then it will be a job that doesn’t mind tattoos.

Answer #10

I don’t think someone should be seen as incompetent–but it is unprofessional.

Think of it this way. You KNOW that in the workplace it will make it harder to get a job, and once in that job, that people will see you differently. You get a tattoo anyway.

Therefore, the tattoo is more important than a job, and that’s why it’s unprofessional.

Answer #11

No I don’t think someone should be thought of as unprofessional if they have a visible tattoo. To be unprofessional you’re hurtful, rude, condescending, ignorant… and honestly, I don’t think any of that comes from having a tattoo.

Answer #12

Depends on the hiring company/individual - company image is extremely important - individual case basis - If I were say director of personnel for Delta Airlines and a pilot is applying - tattoo visible on the neck - a small one, leaf & rose, would probably hire - 5 inch black spider, I wouldn’t hire - strictly my opinion.

Answer #13

simple– it is unprofessional in certian work places and it always will be. You need to be smart about your tat’s and your profession. It does not matter what we think about it. It matters how we are precived by others that are looking at our “artwork”

I have many, I have been a bank teller, trainer, and Asst Branch manger for M & T Bank and First Bank. It is a very professional enviroment and always will be. YOU are being judged by the customers that are high class business owners, They don’t feel very comfortable investing there money with some who “look like that” We even had a customer complian about a black women that had very long nails and they were painted a very bright yellow.

As a bartender it did not matter, Manger of a Dek Hockey rink. It did not matter, Now I work at a Vet Hopsital and it matters, we are only allowed a certian amount of earrings in our ears and a certain amount of rings on our fingers, so you can only imagine what should be done with are tat’s

So to me the point is, get as many as you want, but be able to cover them up at any given time, and know that you may have to wear long sleeves on the hottest day of the summer, I certainly do not want my tat’s choosing my Career choices. so I choose to get them where they can be covered if needed. My advice would be for all to do this. The last time I was at the tat shop, this young girl (21) wanted the stars on her face like Kat, EVEN the Tattooo artist tried to talk her out of it along with all the customers in the shop… she got it done, ,,, good luck on a job honey!

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