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I heard that when you have sex for the first time( aka~ Loose your virginity) that you bleed really bad and its like having your period all over again.

I was wondering if that was true...

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Some bleed a lot, some don't bleed much. I didn't.

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Every woman is different. Some may bleed a lot - and some don't bleed at all.

Not every woman is born with a hymen (the cherry), and if they were most of them have already torn it during sports, activities, or using tampons so when they have sex for the first time they do not bleed.

My first time - there was no blood what so ever.

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because,you are not a vergin from your birth,it is a matter of nature and ask your God

How long should i wait to have sex again after losing my virginity?
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For most, No.
I dont think that it will be THAT much.
Probably just a bit of spotting.

If you masturbate are you a virgin still?
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yes thats true .. when I lost my virginty I lost quite abit .. it looked like I had just came on my period. it was everywhere haha.

but all girls are different .. :)

How can I know if I am virgin or not ?
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a) Excuse me? WTF. As far as I can tell I didn't have sex when I was born.
b) Teh. I dont HAVE a god (<--ATHEIST)

Im sorry but I seriously hate when people bring 'God' into things. Especially since, what the hell does he have to do with losing your virginity and it hurting?

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