Vince mccmahon.

Why does he like fake a lot of injury’s. Like his first one when he supposedly got blew up and was dead. And then when that thing fell on top of him. I think that is stupid. He doesn’t have to leave like that. He cld have said welp I am going on vaca. With my family…

All I want to know is why.

Answer #1

It’s called World Wrestling Entertainment. It’s a violent soap opera. a lot of it is staged. Sometimes people really do get hurt. Like this one time I went and saw WWE in Denver, CO years ago. I watched Matt Hardy (I think. It was one of the Hardy Boys) Do an elbow drop off of a 30 foot ladder onto a “dazed” opponent on a table. Since the table was split, and the guy really wasn’t hurt, and it was over a concrete floor, guess what happened? He really went to the hospital because he jumped off a ladder 30 feet in the air and landed on his ribs on a concrete floor. Welcome to the REAL world of pain. Go dude. Most of it is fake. The moves are real. They goto a school on how to do the moves and how to take the moves. They tell each other by hand signals what they are going to do so that no one really gets hurt. They pull punches and do things in such a way that no one can get hurt. Things happen though. Like 5% of the time. But, it’s all entertainment. Except for when Benoit killed his family and then commited suicide. Gotta love steroids. And pain killers. Woohoo.

Answer #2

well. I think it is kinda stupid. no one really likes him.

Answer #3

Because it’s entertainment.

People believe it, media gets hyped up, and he makes money.

That’s why.

Answer #4

no one really likes him…youre wrong, I like him…and so does my friend…anyways like its been said its ALL scripted, everythin that happens is scripted, but tea’ accidents happen, like when john cena had surgery, but it getss people talkin and going, and he gets more money for it, hey you do anythin like that if you got paid over millions for it, but I also see your point bout him just sayin but thats brin oh vince is on vacation, big deal, but is funnier when somethin happens and there is more to talk bout, it gets more people into it, like the thing fallen, its just a diferent way to end raw besides seein wreslters starin at each other afterwards, like I said and others its entertainment, not all people likes it but not all people hates it…its entertainment, its wrestlin thats how things go in the business

Answer #5

hes genius!!this a brillant way to attract viewers plus hes 62 and he will retire soon

Answer #6

entertainment & money

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