What are your views on taking photos at a funeral?

In my family, it’s taboo to bring a camera to a funeral. For one, it means the mourners don’t have to worry about their appearance, and it keeps the memory of the deceased alive instead of in a casket. I thought everyone had this same belief, but I often come across photos online that were taken at a funeral. So, what’s your view?

Answer #1

I have never brought a camera to a funeral, honestly the last thing on my mind at them is taking a picture. I dont think it’s appropriate to take pictures of people mourning, they have other things to think about aside from people snapping their picture.

Answer #2

I have taken a picture at a vigil though, just because I was amazed at the beauty of how many people had shown up all wearing white and holding candles. When you have about 3000 people all showing up for one person it’s pretty amazing.

Answer #3

not nice at all…its not a good memory to take photos in it + photos will look really bad wd sad people in it ..

Answer #4

Oh my, I have never even thought of bringing a camera to a funeral. I think it’s extremely unnecessary. To me, cameras are for taking snapshots of a memory, so you can share it with everybody and reminisce on the time. I think funerals should be forgotten, and instead everybody should remember the life of the deceased.I can just imagine some people tagging everybody on Facebook rolls eyes

Answer #5

I don’ t like that idea, because everytime you look at it, you’ll remeber that person as dead.. I really don’t understand when people take picture OF the body D: Gross… O.o I’d like to see a picture of that person while ther’re alive and smiling.. not cold, pale, and just…. dead in a casket D: I wanna remeber then being happy, and all the good times we’ve had :)

Answer #6

I think the question should be what would be the most respectful way to use the picture once it’s taken? It all depends on the family who just had their loss. For me personally, I don’t find it to be appropriate just because it’s a time of mourning for most and I wouldn’t want to be disrespectful in any way. But viewing it on the other hand? Who says a person’s passing can’t be beautiful? For I have been to funerals where there has been a photographer. It really depends on the situation, how well you knew the person and the family as well as how the funeral is viewed, is it a time of sorrow or is it a celebration?

Answer #7

I don’t really care but I dont see why you would take photos. I mean, aren’t photos for happy memories?

Answer #8

well I’m a little freaky funerals is not a place to have fun but if one day a frien o somebody that was important in my life I’’ll take a few picture why not

Answer #9

I think its rude and distasteful. I agree with katie, I would want pictures of my loved one while they were alive. I wouldnt want to look at pictures of their funeral or dead body. I suppose taking pictures of the flower arrangments isnt that bad, but only if you turn flash off and dont bother others. but its really a time for mourning, not photography.

Answer #10

i have never even seen a camera at a funeral :/ that usually isnt someting i want a memory of.

Answer #11

well…would it be a smart idea for someone to take a picture of your funeral? it wouldn’t. a picture is to show a memory of those laughing, having fun, a wedding, graduation, smiling people. a funeral is the exact opposite. people are crying, frowning, and mourning. i would rather have pictures of my family who are dead as they were alive, i dont think its right to take a picture of their coffin, dead body, urn, ashes, it just aint right.

Answer #12

I was always brought up to understand that death is a part of life. Some one passing and the consequent funeral is a celebration of their life, not as an acknowledgement of their death.

When my father passed, admittedly not at the funeral itself, but at the wake and at the cemetery once the flowers had been placed, we took photographs.

This was not morbid content, but as a visual aid to those that were unable to attend, and who wished they could have done.

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