What are your top 5 favorite video games?

Your top 5 favs?

Guitar Hero 2/3 Final Fantasy 7 Halo 3 Beautiful Katamari/We Love Katimari! Burnout 3/4/5

Answer #1

Counting down from five to one.

  1. 360 Mass Effect
  2. SNES Super Mario
  3. 360 Halo 3 online
  4. PS1 Digimon World Three
  5. PS1 Final Fantasy Tactics
Answer #2

Okami Steam games (Half Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress, Garys Mod etc) Global Defence Force Ratchet and Clank (All the earlier PS2 versions) Sam and Max

Answer #3
  1. Call of duty 4
  2. WOW.
  3. Oblivian.
  4. Wii sport
  5. Gutair Hero (it would probably come higher as I love it but I’ve only played it once round my aunties lol as her friend loaned it to her, and my parents wont let me buy it so … :P)
Answer #4

Super Mario– The original!! Sonic the Hedge Hog!!! old school!! Mortal Combat– lots of fun!!! Tetris!!– oh yeah!!! and… umm… Not sure what else!!

Answer #5

PC Call of duty 4 !!! woop!! FAB GAME MUST GET PC Sims 2 (with expansion packs, its borin without)(its rubbish on ps2,xbox etc.) PC Splinter Cell: Double Agent Wii Sports (lol) Wii Wario! woop! PC Elder Scrolls: Oblivion ( that is sooo addictive!)

Answer #6

Ah there are so many games that were listed here ;D

Guitar Hero, of couse. Halo. Call of duty 4. OBLIVION!(Wow what am awesome game) Gears. Assassin’s Creed.

Answer #7

Dear thee dahaka

These are my favorites, but I don’t play much :)

  1. Sims 2 2.The Simpsons Road Rage
  2. Halo 4.Halo 2 5.Guitar Hero 1, 2 &3


Answer #8

Portal Half-Life 2 DDR/Stepmania (kinda more an arcade game, but I have it on PC) Kingdom Hearts Warioware on wii (it’s great fun at parties)

Answer #9

My favorite 5? Two are tied. :) Great Question!

  1. Sims 2
  2. DDR
  3. Harvest Moon
  4. High School Musical Sing it 5 Guitar Hero 2 (I despise the 3rd)
Answer #10
  1. All the Dead or Alives- Xbox and Xbox 360 2.Guitar Hero III- All systems 3.Counterstrike: Source- PC 4.Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black- Xbox 5.Conflict Desert Storm and CDSII: Back to Baghdad- Xbox
Answer #11

1.) City Of Heroes/ Villains 2.) Resident Evil 4 3.) DDR 4.) Guitar Hero 5.) DragonBall Z

Answer #12

halo 3 call of duty 4 bioshock dead rising banjo kazooie (1 and 2 for N64)

Answer #13

final fantasy IX tales of symphonia final fantasy VI golden sun (1&2(the combined story)) dragon warrior monsters

Answer #14
  1. Tomb Raider Anniversary
  2. DDR
  3. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  4. Knights into Dreams
  5. Bust A Groove!!!

xox Sika

Answer #15
  1. Halo 3
  2. Rock Band 3.Guitar Hero 3 4.Legend of Zelda: twilight princess 5.Metroid Prime 1& 2
Answer #16

GTA san andreas Bully Tony hawk (all of them) need 4 speed (all of them) Medal of honour (all of them)

Answer #17

Oh oh I love Wii! Elbits and Res Evil 4 are lots of fun for it.

I havn’t played Kingdom Hearts in years! I used to love it!

Answer #18

SSSG ;D Yeah those are all good games! I wanted to put Dead Rising in there too but I wouldnt know what game to sacrifice ;(

Answer #19

Sims 2 Super Monkey Ball Super Mario Brothers [old school nintendo :P] Sonic Guitar Hero 2 :]

Answer #20

Halo1/2/3 Guitar hero 2 Assecence creed Conker Call of duty 3

Answer #21
  1. final fantasy 7 2.oblivian 3.final fantasty 8 4.dragon quest journey of the cursed king
  2. tekken 5 :)
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