Video Game Addiction?

I read that in 2007 the American Medical Association declared video game addiction as a mental disorder. I admit, I play video games a lot. Sometimes I think my life in the game is better then my actual life. I seem to be recovering though, I used to spend around 10 hour a day playing them, and every second of free time I had I tried to log on. I also lost a lot of weight. Now I’ve gotten a lot better by logging on less, but when I DO log on I usualy CANT log off. Is it possible to be addicted to video games?

Answer #1

It can be a bad addiction trust me ONLINE games will get you addicted faster then any video game ever made.

I use to play Final Fantasy 12 online I got so addicted on that game because of the whole interaction between players you could talk to eachother all the time I wound up playing that game every single day ALL DAY LONG.

I was getting real unhealthy because I would not eat at all and I would get sick because I would spend to much time playing that game because it gets you lost in this fantasy world that is not real. I even had a few online girlfriends I would talk to on there and we would go on advantures together. YEAH TRUST ME ITS A BIG WASTE OF TIME AND YOUR MONEY. JUST STICK TO VIDEO GAMES THAT YOU CAN BUY AND PLAY ON YOUR GAME CONSOLES THOSE ONLINE GAMES WILL CONTROL YOUR LIFE.

Answer #2

It’s absolutely possible! It’s more important to set yourself limits though. Like, setting a timer to go off after, say, and hour. you log on, set the timer. After the hour is up, you stop playing- doesn’t matter if you’ve hit the boss battle, or whatever else your online character is doing, you quit. Most of the time, people get so tied up, they can’t detach enough to say ‘its just a game’.

I have a nintendo DS lie, and a lit of the games on that consist of minigames that last no more than 4 minutes, and every game is pausable. It makes it easier to limit myself so I don’t get addicted, by saying “Okay, I’ll play 6 minigames, and then put it down to do something else”.

Answer #3

The American Medical Association declares you can get addicted to anything and everything.

Answer #4

good point kamex

Answer #5

yes it is my boyfriend used to be addicted to a game called WOW you have probably heard of it I didnt think that it was a good thing my sudgestion is to plan other activities away from home or where there is a computer ask someone on a date or go out and just have fun clubbing or with friends trust me it helped my boyfriend it should help you. sorry if this didnt help I hope it did tho.

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